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if i only had a million dollars....

ok, I really want these boots. I really NEED these boots. But I have a feeling if I want to get these boots, I'm going to have to hunt for some old combat boots, and stud them myself. Ok, now on the hunt for size 10 or 11 combat boots. 10 if wide.

These ones, I saw online at Bess-NY and at Free People, for the lovely price of $388.00.

yeah right. mommies on a budget... all things DYI!!

Spy Kids Mission Critical with Agent Sugarhill, Agent Sneer and GreatM

my little piece of heaven

The Concord Revolution Party of 1970

girl on far right; code name Frisky Sugarhill

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you're at.

"I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!" - alice

  i Started out as a very sweet, ladylike little girl. I loved dressing up, with matching shoes and purse, little sweaters, short skirts. Eventually I became more of a tomboy in a skirt. And then I embraced new wave and punk.
      But like my passion for fashion magazines, I stayed true to the constant transformations I would obsess over, and never stuck with one thing. In high school, I would show up one day dressed in a long cotton "georgetown" dress, with feathers in my ears. Very Hippy (or like one of the Grits) Another day, I would put on my docks, with the laces intricately wound, corduroy gauchos and a cowl neck sweater. Quite preppy. And then after the introducti…

boots, aka olena pearl bonnett

it just doesn't get any classier that this... to me.

meet grandma Boots. Nicknamed thus because she used to wear red rain boots as a child. For a long time I just assumed her nick name was given because she rode around on a Harley with the tough guys. But guess not. It's an easy mistake. While grandma was elegant, and had fabulous jewelry and never wore short sleeves, she cursed like a sailer. She smoked pall malls, unfiltered, and rode around in a very long gold Cadillac. Besides my mom, there was not a woman who could hold a candle to her. No actress; Greta, Myrna, Marlene, Kathrine or Gloria... could out shine, inspire, or give me the kind of strength it would take to grow up and become a strong, independent, no-bullshit woman, that I hope I've become.

She was one of 12 kids! Born and raised in West Virginia. She was a fiery woman, with a hot temper, and a strong eyebrow arch. She fell for some guy when she was 18, and got knocked up with my mother. Great …

i know where i get my kookie sense of style from...

dear ol' mum. The original mummy! Where I get it all from. Poor mum, doesn't even have these relics laying around anymore, as I pillaged through them starting at age 5. First I wore, loved and thus destroyed her wedding hat!

see here:

too bad, though I never had a chance to try this one on!!!

But I did indeed have a hand at these lovely skimpy fireballs!

what exactly was going on in this picture with mum on the lap of some strange man? she was a wild one when on the loose! and very stylish!

ah, the purple polyester striped suit! I kid you not, I wore this one to school, 7th grade! mother being only 5'6, and I already at a grand 5'8 in 7th... it looked smashing. then it disappeared... so sad. Wait, see that little girl? me! I loved that dress.. the feel of it, the pattern.. and hey, more purple!! I still have that dress!!! I took better care of my stuff. btw, everyone is quite stylin' in this photo.

it really was something else. And this photo shows how…

70's moment

there is something about this photo... maybe it's the location in the upper west side; wide streets, tall buildings, the way the kids are dressed, the feel... like a woody allen movie. Woman alone with her kids... a single 70's mom and her kids... husband said it reminded him of a frame from kramer vs. kramer. although I'm not single! but it's fun to pretend to be in a different time...

dear friend

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." - Anaïs Nin

moving to a new place is always scary. But friendships can be immediate when you have something in common. children, work, character, style, drinks... these are my friends... (this is not a complete list) But it is still early for me on a Saturday morning, so give me time to gather my wits and collect more.

here I pay tribute to this handful of mommy friends I have made in Brooklyn that are near and dear to my heart...

tor (mummy of 2), me & rikke (mummy of 1)

rikke, me & bess (mummy of 1)

me, jennifer (mummy of 2) & tor

bess, amhalise (mummy of 2), tor & me

tor, me & jennifer

me & tor

tor & rikke

me & rikke

me & tor

me & tor

me & eva (mummy of 3)

me & daniela (mummy of 1)

the Virginians... two of my longest standing friends... from the high-school years:

me & moe (…

tiki the destroyer

yeah, this dog definitely doesn't look guilty.

mommies put out warrant on friend

there is nothing nicer than 3 mummies meeting in the morning to discuss x rated topics and dogs guilt.

pixie blondes

when i first came across Agnes Deyn I had a funny feeling inside that I couldn't put a finger on. Maybe I still can't quite put it to words. But it was definitely a feeling of nostalgia and even a bit of envy. Why? The hair. I had the same haircut, variations on the color and cut, back in '91. I was close to the same age as her then. I remember that phase well. It came with mixed sensations and feelings. It was a time of complete freedom. And I loved the look. But with it, I also was met by the usual nasty comments from some men... like dyke! References to looking like a man, or the best, Billy Idol! But it didn't matter I rocked that hair! I was also mistaken for Annie Lenox! So the Envy part? I guess it's because she's famous because of it, and she rocks it so well. I'm wondering... can I do it again?

I might just do it!


me in 1990
(all these photos were taken by students at Art Center College of Design, CA when I was student there…