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i know where i get my kookie sense of style from...

dear ol' mum. The original mummy! Where I get it all from. Poor mum, doesn't even have these relics laying around anymore, as I pillaged through them starting at age 5. First I wore, loved and thus destroyed her wedding hat!

see here:

too bad, though I never had a chance to try this one on!!!

But I did indeed have a hand at these lovely skimpy fireballs!

what exactly was going on in this picture with mum on the lap of some strange man? she was a wild one when on the loose! and very stylish!

ah, the purple polyester striped suit! I kid you not, I wore this one to school, 7th grade! mother being only 5'6, and I already at a grand 5'8 in 7th... it looked smashing. then it disappeared... so sad. Wait, see that little girl? me! I loved that dress.. the feel of it, the pattern.. and hey, more purple!! I still have that dress!!! I took better care of my stuff. btw, everyone is quite stylin' in this photo.

it really was something else. And this photo shows how, I at age 7 was trying to keep up with her, me in my absolutely favorite purple sweater mushroom pant suit, and mom in her romantic poet shirt. photos taken on the way up to mammoth mountain.

the purple obsession continues. Although these photos were taken earlier. purple rained king for me. Maybe I knew at that age, purple was the royal color during the Renaissance!

wadda ya guessing that that black and white photo above, was actually a purple dress?