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pixie blondes

when i first came across Agnes Deyn I had a funny feeling inside that I couldn't put a finger on. Maybe I still can't quite put it to words. But it was definitely a feeling of nostalgia and even a bit of envy. Why? The hair. I had the same haircut, variations on the color and cut, back in '91. I was close to the same age as her then. I remember that phase well. It came with mixed sensations and feelings. It was a time of complete freedom. And I loved the look. But with it, I also was met by the usual nasty comments from some men... like dyke! References to looking like a man, or the best, Billy Idol! But it didn't matter I rocked that hair! I was also mistaken for Annie Lenox! So the Envy part? I guess it's because she's famous because of it, and she rocks it so well. I'm wondering... can I do it again?

I might just do it!


me in 1990
(all these photos were taken by students at Art Center College of Design, CA when I was student there from 88-92)

notice the half finished tattoo cover-up

yes you would never know it, i did smoke quite heavily during the art school years.. and i would do it again if it was free and didn't kill

this was more of my Brigitte Nielsen look