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ooooh! what to do this weekend...

if you are in town, have time, and no children to occupy your time (and demand your attention), then scoot over to Artists & Fleas indoor market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's there every weekend, and yet... I've only gone once!!! Started in 2003, this market gives new and emerging designers, local artists, and us collectors a place to BUY, SELL and HANG OUT.

I covet this great feather headband I saw last time... and these great hats... and some very cool shoes... oh oh and these great necklaces!!!

It's an constant rotation of amazing talent and great finds in a very cool and unique spot for buyers and sellers from all over the place.

[Photo Credit: Todd Heisler/The New York Times]

come on, what are you waiting for? And while your there, pick me up something!

learn more about it here:

the great wall of purses

Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn to reverence life until we know how to understand sex.

oh my, what an evening... in fact yesterday was so crazy, running around, and then deciding at the last minute to attend this event, that I had no time for any postings. So today, I am posting something about my evening.

I love to highlight or showcase my friends that are out there working hard at what they love. And naturally I try to stick to topics that have to do with Style, as that's the main theme of this blog, occasionally something might embrace a more creative interpretation of style. My friend Eva, has immense style, and is also a mummy. She is the reason I was out late last night, and why I had such a fantastic time.

This is not for the too young, or conservative. So if you offend by nudity and erotic, then skip this post. Ok?

Moving on...

Last night I went to the sixth annual CineKink NYC held at the Kush Lounge in lower manhattan!
It was a celebration of epic proportions! The gala featured a trio of cinematic works centered on fantasy and desire!

Eva Midgley…

a steady journey across the sea..

no, I'm certainly NOT disappointed! How could I be! Everything I wished for and more!

Hot Cake Black Lace choker for the rebellious maiden, by Atilla design!

this is one of the sexiest chokers I have seen. So starts my new obsessive collection. Starting with Barcelona's Meatxe Hernandez and now venturing into victorian revolution!


Made of cotton lace, black distressed leather, a bit of tartan ribbon, black faux pearls, tiny green leaf dingle dangle and vintage "the boss" Che Guevara trinket! It is all that it appears and more!

these are the pictures that lured me in:

and now for a modeling moment:

an artistic interpretation:

So, my camera wasn't handy, so I used my iPhone camera with this great app called CameraBag!

oooh, tell me what you think!

Viva la Attila!

Loving Etsy of late! I find myself stumbling upon the most creative ladies.
Finnish designer, Tiina Attila, appeared before me as if in a dream! How fitting, after my modern victorian, Vampire obsession of late. Corsets, leather, chokers, feathers... Attila Designs! All of her products are completely hand made in Finland, using only the best of materials. And you can also find her work in her shop Aito Design, Kalevankatu 31, in Helsinki Finland.

She does not stop there! Design, illustration, construction and styling for film and prints. sets, props, specialty wardrobe and costumes, f/x makekup and modelmaking!

Here are a few samples of some pieces I covet (but due to my slim budget will have to continue to just fantasize about):

so the best I saved for last! see tomorrow's post!!

a little bit of paris wrapped around my neck

i don't know who the designer is, or what Parisian boutique it came from, but it ended up in my lap Christmas morning, courtesy of traveling husband. Lovely wool knit yarn with gold threading woven through, and on the ends ivory looking marbles, with flecks of gold and white swirls. And it matches so nicely with this lovely cashmere hat, I purchased right before New Years. All very 20's inspired... so Swanson!

“How do you feel?”
“Terrible. I must have gone to bed sober.” (Nora & Nick)

something to share, besides the hair...

my friend Amhalise (knowing my love of Argentinian clothing and accessories) pointed out an amazing Argentinian jewelry designer to me the other day. Mara Carrizo Scalise is originally from Argentina, but she now lives in New York City! Lucky me! she started out creating pieces from suede and leather, custom jewelry, clothes and other accessories. Now with her own line, each piece is hand crafted in gold and one of a kind. If you have a moment check it out. Oh, and she's on facebook!

photos above from mcs website

drip drip drop, that hair color hit the spot!

not that the information I share is such news in the fashion world, for anyone following such things... believe it or not, I am not following trends by the minute, or keeping up-to-date on everything. I get my information usually too late. It didn't used to always be this way. I studied Fashion Illustration and history in college. But, I ended up painting, and now designing websites. I've continued to admire and covet. From a discreet and careful position.

so anyway, Agnes Deyn, has an update to her hair (again, not such HOT news). Just not too long ago she had the close cropped cut (as pointed out by me in an earlier post). And in that post, I showed a picture of me, years earlier, demonstrating the similarity of style:

As that one grew out, she still manages to look very chic!

But then I noticed these pics at "Grand Opening of Atlantis, The Palm ", where she turned that pixie cut into a Louise brooks bob:

The original, Louise Brooks:

which brings to mind a l…

barcelona darling, barcelona

why have I not been to Barcelona? It was between Rome and Barcelona for my honeymoon, and I chose Rome. No regrets darling! But I have come close to going to Barcelona... in my dreams. Mark travels there a lot. (Mark=sexy husband) And my friend Grace lives there! And I have a new mommy friend from Barcelona. Oh, and my son Jackson is a freak for Barca Football!

my desire grows more, because the little trinkets Mark brings back to me from each and everyone of his trips. Remember Argentina? Well it's the same here!

This piece { below } is from the designer Meatxe Hernandez [MTX]. He stumbled upon her store the last time he was there, and next thing I knew I had a lovely piece to wear out! Dress it up, or dress it down. It's very very very cool!!


some samples off her website:

I claim there ain't Another Saint As great as Valentine

above quote by Ogden Nash

life is but a bowl of treats

i need a tennis wardrobe update! Ok, don't judge my game here, this photo was from 07, I am much improved since. And while I love this look:

I wouldn't mind a few of these cute pieces from Stella!!

and those last two? Your like, "what does that have to do with tennis".

I'm like, "nothing"

kitty kat, kitty kat what do you know?

ahhhh. The big night out, and I donned my gorgeous new Trossman outfit, courtesy of sexy husban(t). Also sporting new haircut.

so off we go...

tor and daniela

rikke and jennifer

photos taken by my lovely iPhone

tingle tingle little toes

Trossman shoes are so ickly sickly! I must empty my sons piggy banks and buy a pair!!

photos grabbed off Go look!!