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barcelona darling, barcelona

why have I not been to Barcelona? It was between Rome and Barcelona for my honeymoon, and I chose Rome. No regrets darling! But I have come close to going to Barcelona... in my dreams. Mark travels there a lot. (Mark=sexy husband) And my friend Grace lives there! And I have a new mommy friend from Barcelona. Oh, and my son Jackson is a freak for Barca Football!

my desire grows more, because the little trinkets Mark brings back to me from each and everyone of his trips. Remember Argentina? Well it's the same here!

This piece { below } is from the designer Meatxe Hernandez [MTX]. He stumbled upon her store the last time he was there, and next thing I knew I had a lovely piece to wear out! Dress it up, or dress it down. It's very very very cool!!


some samples off her website: