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drip drip drop, that hair color hit the spot!

not that the information I share is such news in the fashion world, for anyone following such things... believe it or not, I am not following trends by the minute, or keeping up-to-date on everything. I get my information usually too late. It didn't used to always be this way. I studied Fashion Illustration and history in college. But, I ended up painting, and now designing websites. I've continued to admire and covet. From a discreet and careful position.

so anyway, Agnes Deyn, has an update to her hair (again, not such HOT news). Just not too long ago she had the close cropped cut (as pointed out by me in an earlier post). And in that post, I showed a picture of me, years earlier, demonstrating the similarity of style:


As that one grew out, she still manages to look very chic!

But then I noticed these pics at "Grand Opening of Atlantis, The Palm ", where she turned that pixie cut into a Louise brooks bob:


The original, Louise Brooks:

which brings to mind a look I had in '89 (as I am and have been a Louise Brooks fan since the age of 9):

the funny thing is, I have been contemplating this look again! Last September I took my hair from a very dark brown/black/reddish to blond. It's been a slow process, trying prevent my hair from falling out. But sometimes I get a bit impatient.

Anyhow, with the inevitable hair damage, I've had to trim.. then trim some more. Now it's short in back, longer in front. That was last Wednesdays cut. I think I'm going to go for it. The bob, not the pixie... yet. If and when I go for the pixie again, I'll cut off the color, and start from scratch.

something like this: