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Viva la Attila!

Loving Etsy of late! I find myself stumbling upon the most creative ladies.
Finnish designer, Tiina Attila, appeared before me as if in a dream! How fitting, after my modern victorian, Vampire obsession of late. Corsets, leather, chokers, feathers... Attila Designs! All of her products are completely hand made in Finland, using only the best of materials. And you can also find her work in her shop Aito Design, Kalevankatu 31, in Helsinki Finland.

She does not stop there! Design, illustration, construction and styling for film and prints. sets, props, specialty wardrobe and costumes, f/x makekup and modelmaking!

Here are a few samples of some pieces I covet (but due to my slim budget will have to continue to just fantasize about):







so the best I saved for last! see tomorrow's post!!