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the dog ate my computer...


but she is a darling.

Just needed a quick break... I'm in the middle of a web design project (ya, I do have a job!) and I haven't been able to post anything 'meaningful' this week. Oh, except the last post, which I guess was Sunday night! Boy am I hard on myself!!

soon... soon!

I want some black - eyed suzies!

I don't know where to begin! I have a small doll collection myself. And I have bought and sold over the years. I look for special dolls, ones that have been customized, or I have dolls from my childhood. (They are all fairly hidden in my closet in a special place, as they freak the hell out of Mark)

I'm impressed with certain doll artists, that have the ability to bring something different, something with expression to the art.

Just the other day, I stumbled across Sarah, from Montreal who creates these wonderful, soulful dolls that reach out and touch your heart with their eyes.

You can find her, and read more about her on her her blog, Black Eyed Suzie, or you can peruse her dolls for sale at her etsy store online.

But before you go, have a look below, at just a sample of her creations, and this lovely video all about her, and her process!

don't cry for me Argentina, I have a fabulous purse!

I know you've been dying to see more purses. I do not like to disappoint!

This darling is from, guess... Buenos Aires, Argentina! My son's get cool new soccer gear, I get purse! I like that deal.

Deliciously divine. Angel wings, suede, leather, ink print, dancing lady, rose, black bug and floral detail with stripes inside.

a rose without a thorn

I was digging around reading some news, when I got distracted by this NYTimes article on the fall 2009 D&G collection during Milans Fashion.

Rightfully so, it compares the Showtime Original series, "The Tudors" to the D&G collection. Heavy on Satin, Velvet, Brocades, silk doublets and billowing sleeves.

I think I agree!

Photo lifted from INSIDEMODE. First image from NYTIMES.

i'm having a Mary McFadden moment...

fall/winter 1999: Mongolian wedding gown with beading and embroidery. © AP/Wide World Photos.

fall/winter 1999: sheared mink coat with a stenciled leopard print. © AP/Wide World Photos.

champagne, darling, only champagne!

finding my roots...

ok, well not entirely true.. actually continuing to cover my roots! Which I believe are a lovely combination platter of silver gray and dishwater brown. But I once was a platinum naturally, and then artificially. In my 20's, 30's and now, 40's. I love playing with the color. And even now, it's not quite right... needs a bit of toning.

Bored, unreasonably bored, for no reason, because I have so much work to do, that I find myself procrastinating and rifling through photos, and found some earlier documentation of the platinum variety.

Thought I'd share them.

early on, the natural. This is about when my brother referred to me as "Frisbee head", - 1968

around 25, in Nice, France, very Annie Lenox (or billy idol) - 1990

6 years later. Very inspiring. - 1996

a year later... at my wedding. - 1997

Today. Right now. This minute. - 2009

A moment in time or Sailor do you have a light?

pursing around...

from my collection of purses from New York, circa late 90's.

The following two purses are from TG170, from the Lower East Side.

first up, "Brown Pleather bag, circa '97, TG170. Purchased from my new husband!

then came the "Round Asian". Also, gift from Mark.

Then along came Shanghi Tang! This would have been around 99, back when it was still kind of fresh.

now here is a purse, I found, in the lower east side. A vintage piece from the '70s.
I promptly named it Horsebuckles! And I purchased this baby.

and this baby, came from somewhere also in the lower east side, but as it was a gift from one of my girlfriends, I don't know where it came from! I call it the ZigZag!

no... not brulee, bebè!

when i used to live in the east villiage, and my boys were 0-2, I used to frequent this great store called CremBebè. Barbara, the owner, a really nice italian girl with a son of her own, always helped me find unique independent clothes for the boys. And frequently gave me discounts because I dropped a load on merch back then. Yes, a long time ago I had one of those high paying internet jobs with a title to match... executive something or other.

Anyhow, she's still there, and she still has these amazing edgy kids clothes. But it's the way she pares them that's the best. oh and even better.. she's having a huge sale right now! Take a look at some...

68 2nd Avenue, between 3rd & 4th Str.
New York, N.Y. 10003

dressing up, tra la la...

have a very important event to go to next week with Mark. Can't possibly wear the exactly same thing I wore to the Esquire Party, so I grabbed a few items, and headed over to Tor's for a look through her wardrobe. We ended up pairing my new long Trosman skirt with Tor's very cool satiny long sleeve black tuxedo shirt, my Target Isaac Mizrahi pumps and accessories from her Grannie and Mother.

Then, after we finalized the outfit, she brought out this amazing coat, that was grannies, from the 20's. A gold maille weaved coat with a fur collar... and then, she let me try it on. ohhhh amazing!!!!

See below. It was an afternoon of girlies in the closet, playing dress up!

by the way, how do you like the hair?

you can pick your pocket, and you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friends pocket

dunlin bags by shiho nagashima and ramana goldstein

bernhard willheim x camper


kylee tankus bootie

jeffrey cambell




just admiring from afar. Note to self, sell computer.

Look Tor, no links to shopping carts!!

now, I must leave and go play some tennis.