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these are a few of my favorite things...

at standard deviation, they have everything that I would want to update my dusty wardrobe with! This site makes me drool, and want to open a credit card and rack up the debt. While not terribly priced (LOL), it's still a bit over my budget at the moment. But they have some great sales right now!

it's just so much fun to go though. Great original photography, well edited collection of clothing that is very edgy, but fem. Here's just a sample of some, all online! Let your fingers do the clicking!

future classics:

future classics:
Future Classics Placket Legging - 50% OFF (Price: $130.0)

CRHEE Pris Pant - 60% OFF(Price: $144.00)

Mine Charleston Playsuit - 70% OFF (Price: $99.00)

Society For Rational Dress Ring Vest - 70% OFF (Price: $95.10)