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darla prepares for a night out

(images found at Source:TFS via Fashionology)

I do if you do...

the dø

the dø, has this song called "on my shoulders". Sweet. Lovely. Like it. I can't stop playing it. Over and over again. I really love the look of Olivia B. Merilahti & Dan Levey. They remind me of a friend of mine.. I'm downloading the whole album now.

Listen for yourself:

The Do On My Shouldersby thedoband

WILDLIFE! does a Remix.. that's also very lovely.
But danceable! Yeah! I'm loving it. They have a few others that are nice. too. Check them out on myspace!

Here's another lovely band I found off of myspace today...

Little Boots

Listen in...

never say x-wife is a bad word..

I kind of like this song, on the radio. But I'm not crazy about the yelling chorus. At first I liked it, but then after the umpteeth time they yelled "hear it now, on the street..." I started to get annoyed. What do you think? I'm gonna keep listening to their stuff... there is something kind of adorable about them... maybe.

on myspace

X-Wife - On the Radio [official] from Neutral Reporter on Vimeo.

music inspires fashion..

I don't see many commercials.. live. And rarely fashion/perfume commercials. So this morning I was inspired to see what was going on.. and then started filtering into the past. Music is so important in setting desire, and emotion. I find, I like the music better than the visuals, for the most part. Or the music destroys the visuals in some instances. But unfortunately for the most part, perfume commercials suck. They are so STRANGE and STIFF.

Damn Eva for being so beautiful! ok, if you can tell me what this song is.. would be greatful. Sounds so familiar... I do like this one.. but that's because I'm and Eva fan.

IMO, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs make this commercial strong.

hmmmm. Undecided. But the music made me feel like a cowboy disco movie was about to start.

and from Sophia Coppola... I'm now feeling, oh so french at this very moment...

10 posts to stimulate your senses.. and motivate your mind

1. Tavi speaks her mind and reminds me of the possibilities... This time around, cracking me up on the way, she drums ups some real icons for us to remember.

2. Don't get lost in the Networking Cycle of Hell! Alex gives advice on how to keep it cool... and slowly build up your online networking.

3. Holy Platforms!! What a great source of information! If your new to this, and unsure which blogging tool to use, Jennine spells it out to you, in very simple terms.

4. The Sartorialists lists

5. The question is... is pop luxury ”a thing of the past? All I know is things need to balance out better. We were hoping Top Shop would be the budget minded girls answer to luxury here in NYC... but the prices are hig…

whiskey-soaked broken english

Somehow my last posting of Chan Marshall, brought to mind Marianne Faithful. I think she knew how to look cool with out trying too hard, where many of the other girls of that time, really went all out. I know, she had her share of feathers boas and fedora velvet hats... but she had a very sexy little girl look going on.

Like Chan, her early work in pop and rock music in the 1960s was overshadowed by her struggle with drug abuse in the 1970s... um then again in 80s... I have grown to really love listening to her sad powerful halting rasp, the "voice of a woman who's been to hell and back".

quote by Alanna Nash of "Stereo Review"

here kitty kitty kitty...

This one is for BlondieLox, a fan of Cat Power, like me!!

America’s little darling of the music indie scene, Chan Marshall, the voice of Cat Power, is a fashion and rock star icon. She knows how to look like a rock star with out trying to hard.

This month, Elizabeth Goodman's book about Cat Power is on the shelf! I can't wait to add it to my book collection. And it sounds very interesting. I was introduced to Cat Power a few years back, when I was first trying to learn guitar. I found her music somehow soothing, and fun to imitate. But I never looked into her further until more recently. I kind of leave my musicians in a mysterious light. I don't like to get to know them too well at first, I would rather let the music lead me, and learn more about them after I've decided if I like their music.

Cat Power: A Good Woman
by Elizabeth Goodman.

Review from: Publishers Weekly
The tumultuous life and career of Chan Marshall, the voice behind indie rock band Cat Power, is…

anook of the yellow scarf wistfully wishes for spring

I am an artist at heart. My main media has been painting. But I have issues. And so I don't always paint. I find other ways of expressing myself. And with those distractions I don't usually miss the painting... until I stumble upon someone inspiring.

This illustrator, L Filipe dos Santos aka Corcoise, from Portugal, did just that. He draws, sketches, paints, and creates such gorgeous portraits.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Corcoise gives me so much to enjoy

you can peruse his blog:

you can visit his website:

you can shop his art:

the adventures of darla and olena

I love it when I stumble upon something fresh, that brings up emotions, nostalgic and optimistic. Lilly + Jae did that for me. Yes the clothes are sweet and fresh. But it was the photography shoot for the spring/summer collection that brought on a wave of excitement. It just makes me want to gather up my girlfriends and rent an old vintage airstream and head out west.

all photos from lilyandjae.

To see more of Jude Fellers line, Lily + Jae visit her site. If your Media or wholesale buyers, you can view the Autumn 2009 collection as well.

Now I want to go play dress up.

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Easter Hell Ride

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

I'm on the road... again. Be back late Monday. Just a little, you know.. family time. Crazy time. Patience, patience... breathe... home soon.

Take a bow!

it's time to reflect upon the very first "It" girl.

Born in 1907 in Brooklyn she was an actress and sex symbol who rose to fame in the silent film era of the 1920s. She had a vivacious and high-spirited personality, and became known around the world as "The It girl", where "It" was commonly understood to mean sex appeal. She was the quintessential flapper. She has a crazy tail of childhood, all strewn with evil insane mom who tried to kill her with a butcher knife, and a father who was abusive.

In 1927, she reached the heights of her popularity with the film "It". Upon the film's release, Bow became known as "The It Girl". In the story, It, a character explains what "It" really is: "It... that strange magnetism which attracts both sexes... entirely unself-conscious... full of self-confidence... indifferent to the effect... she is producing and uninfluenced by others." More commonly, "It" was tak…

going knuts...

darling Gayle, mentioned Hannelore to me. I couldn't place her at the time, but did a little of the usual... google-d-google, and my memory was refreshed instantaneously.

for those of you who don't know her, or forgot... Born in Antwerp, Belgium, she debuted at the spring shows in Milan, in 1999. She's really got a fabulous, androgenous look, is not afraid of taking risks, and changing her hair.

Here is just a little afternoon tribute to Hannelore.

Hannelore has hew own blog: She uses her camera to capture the worlds she sees as she travels the globe.