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10 posts to stimulate your senses.. and motivate your mind

1. Tavi speaks her mind and reminds me of the possibilities... This time around, cracking me up on the way, she drums ups some real icons for us to remember.

2. Don't get lost in the Networking Cycle of Hell! Alex gives advice on how to keep it cool... and slowly build up your online networking.

3. Holy Platforms!! What a great source of information! If your new to this, and unsure which blogging tool to use, Jennine spells it out to you, in very simple terms.

4. The Sartorialists lists

5. The question is... is pop luxury ”a thing of the past? All I know is things need to balance out better. We were hoping Top Shop would be the budget minded girls answer to luxury here in NYC... but the prices are higher than the one in London! How is that any help?

6. I might play tag when I'm done with my list post... if you do, send me your post link!

7. Pointing out the beautiful and talented

8. The stylish wander could be my younger sister!

9. Gorgeous lingerie, and gorgeous photography

10. This would make a great "Moment of Zen"; that clip they show at the End of
the Daily Show.

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(this is part of my Day 2 - 31DBBB challenge @ PROBLOGGER)