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here kitty kitty kitty...

This one is for BlondieLox, a fan of Cat Power, like me!!

America’s little darling of the music indie scene, Chan Marshall, the voice of Cat Power, is a fashion and rock star icon. She knows how to look like a rock star with out trying to hard.

This month, Elizabeth Goodman's book about Cat Power is on the shelf! I can't wait to add it to my book collection. And it sounds very interesting. I was introduced to Cat Power a few years back, when I was first trying to learn guitar. I found her music somehow soothing, and fun to imitate. But I never looked into her further until more recently. I kind of leave my musicians in a mysterious light. I don't like to get to know them too well at first, I would rather let the music lead me, and learn more about them after I've decided if I like their music.

Cat Power: A Good Woman
by Elizabeth Goodman.

Review from: Publishers Weekly
The tumultuous life and career of Chan Marshall, the voice behind indie rock band Cat Power, is explored in Goodman's solid biography. Despite, or perhaps because of, Marshall's refusal to be interviewed for the book, Goodman, the editor-at-large at Blender, is able to peel back the layers of the singer's life, mixing original interviews with Marshall's friends and family and published quotes from Marshall herself. Born in 1972, Marshall grew up all over the South, the daughter of a schizophrenic mother and a wannabe rocker father, finding solace in music early on. From her first tentative forays into writing songs while living in Cabbagetown, Atlanta's bohemian enclave, to her shoot to indie-and mainstream-fame after moving to New York in the 1990s and signing with Matador Records, Marshall seemed certain of a bright future. Crippling self-doubt, coupled with a penchant for alcohol, led to Marshall's much-publicized breakdown. But Marshall endured, releasing the latest Cat Power record, Dark End of the Street, in 2008. Goodman's respect for Marshall's music is evident, but it's her objectivity when faced with reporting some of the singer's less than admirable traits that make this a thoroughly enjoyable read. (Apr.)
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