April 22, 2009

music inspires fashion..

I don't see many commercials.. live. And rarely fashion/perfume commercials. So this morning I was inspired to see what was going on.. and then started filtering into the past. Music is so important in setting desire, and emotion. I find, I like the music better than the visuals, for the most part. Or the music destroys the visuals in some instances. But unfortunately for the most part, perfume commercials suck. They are so STRANGE and STIFF.

Damn Eva for being so beautiful! ok, if you can tell me what this song is.. would be greatful. Sounds so familiar... I do like this one.. but that's because I'm and Eva fan.

IMO, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs make this commercial strong.

hmmmm. Undecided. But the music made me feel like a cowboy disco movie was about to start.

and from Sophia Coppola... I'm now feeling, oh so french at this very moment...


Pattie said...

I think that last one is freshish lol

But happy earth day, and hope you are doing swell!!

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Yes, hope you had a lovely day!! I was very productive!! SO it was a good one!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Ooh la la, the song in the Dior commercial truly captures the essence of the product and scenery. As usual Miss Coppola nailed it.

The cloche your wearing in your default pic suits you well :) Thank you for being a doll and stopping by to say hi...
See you tomorrow here on blogland.

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

I just had my sewing machine fixed, and I want to start making summer versions of them! Thank you!!! And have a lovely evening!!!