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Take a bow!

it's time to reflect upon the very first "It" girl.

Born in 1907 in Brooklyn she was an actress and sex symbol who rose to fame in the silent film era of the 1920s. She had a vivacious and high-spirited personality, and became known around the world as "The It girl", where "It" was commonly understood to mean sex appeal. She was the quintessential flapper. She has a crazy tail of childhood, all strewn with evil insane mom who tried to kill her with a butcher knife, and a father who was abusive.

In 1927, she reached the heights of her popularity with the film "It". Upon the film's release, Bow became known as "The It Girl". In the story, It, a character explains what "It" really is: "It... that strange magnetism which attracts both sexes... entirely unself-conscious... full of self-confidence... indifferent to the effect... she is producing and uninfluenced by others." More commonly, "It" was taken to mean sex appeal. "It, hell," quipped Dorothy Parker, "She had those."

Clara Bow at 16. This picture was taken when she won a movie magazine contest in 1921.

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