April 23, 2009

TopShop, Zara & Sephora... Oh My!

Last Friday was good friend Tor's birthday. Her really awesome sister, Char, wired money to me from England to present to her in "gift certificate" format. So I came up with this little "gift certificate"... a MommyDrinks Style Personal Shopper. I had to hold the purse strings, because the ever frugal Tor would have used the money on Groceries! Heaven forbid!

Today she redeemed the gift certificate, with the help of her personal shopper! ME!

In a hit manhattan, spend thrift, mommies with style, shopping spree, for only $300.00 dollars. Now, $300.00 is a lot of money. But in Manhattan, $300.00 might, I say, might buy you one dress. Maybe. But thankfully, between the good graces of Zara, she was able to buy 4 dresses for (about) 2/3rds of that! That left over enough to score at Sephora, for some much needed beauty supplies. And a sandwich after.

We hit Urban Outfitters, and we were a bit disappointed. But Zara has all these great cottony tunics she loves. I'm hoping to go over tomorrow and take some pics! We did stop in the much ballyhooed TopShop, and were wondering who all the dayglow was for. But we did find some good steals there as well. But you have to be careful, because there are some pricey things laying about that will get you.. meaning... "I just got to have that $70.00 scarf!!" "Oh no you don't!" "Don't tell me what to do, I'm buying it!"

Ok that was me.

Moving on...

Here: The lovely lady, in SOHO, after her score:

stay tuned for her fashion show!

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blondie-lox said...

what fun... i love the look!