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saturday morning sunshine

Now Dujour Magazine (DujourMag), wants to follow my lackluster twitter. I know it's not personal, just following me because they saw I was following Russh. Oh well. I'll pretend it's because I'm gosh darn interesting!

But I did discover some new Dujour Wallpapers now up for grabs on our Flickr!

I really like these three. a great idea. lovely artists.

blonde on blonde

I'm sure you all know who Deborah Harry is.. of the band Blondie. She was the first punk rock goddess; part feline, part beauty queen and play boy bunny, with an edge of Fuck You mixed on in.

She has a such unique and sexy voices. I still remember as a child listening to Blondie on my record player, and I give credit to her for my first swatch of black die that I placed at the back of my then natural blonde hair. Eventually more and more followed, and again, I can probably give her credit for influencing me to die my hair blonder when it did eventually go darker on it's own.

Before she was in the band Blondie, she lived on the lower east side and worked as a secretary, waitress and a playboy bunny! No joke. See how hot she was then too!

After meeting her future band mate and boyfriend Chris Stein, Blondie was formed in 1975! Blondie went from punk to new wave pop, and mixing new wave with disco. A first among this style. I saw American Gigalo in the movie theaters…

dancing and laughing to the sounds of life all around me

Have you heard of the Noisettes yet?

Last night my husband texted me to tell me he was at a record event, sitting next to Donna Karan [hosted at her place downtown] and Rhianna, Redman, Method Man, were all present. But the Stars of the night were the Noisettes. When they got up on stage and performed the audience went wild. They are a London based band who play with passion, charm, honesty and a complete lack of pretense. Very sexy, sultry and fun! They have been together for over 3 years with Dan Smith on Lead Guiter/Vocals, Shingai Shoniwa on Vocals/Bass Guiter and Jamie Morrison on Drums.

They had Rhianna seeing green.

Lucky me, he came home with a take home bag filled with fun items, including some CD's, one of which is a Noisettes CD!! SO of course I'm listening to it right now. And I have to say, I love it!!! I couldn't wait to share with you some of my favorites:

Never Forget You

Some more of my favorites:
Don't Give Up
Don't Upset The Rhythm

If you l…

on my way back from the venice fashion show...

yes sorry, that is why I haven't had time to blog in the last day.. I had to make an appearance in the Chanel Fashion show in Venice. It was such a blur! It hardly feels like I was there.

To my horror I had forgotten to shave my legs!

Thankfully I had 15 minutes to pull it all together in time for the show!

it's a musical afternoon...

a little sixty's meets an 80's Terri Nunn vibe:

Featuring members of the Memphis Rhythm Band.

Chrissie Hynde show us the power of her emotions and vocal technique in this superb acoustic rendition of the classic Radiohead hit.

I still remember when I first saw this performed on Friday Night Videos!

and now to finish with Marianne...

Piotre, Katrine and the Maleriks say, Dzień Dobry!

I thought you needed some ancient photos of my ancestors to wake you up!!

Off with a busy day but will soon be tallying names for the leather jacket draw!

the Great Santini

nothing to do with fashion what-so-ever

But I know you were worried about where I was for the last few days... so I had to post something from my archives. I'm in the middle of a couple of web design projects, so my brain is over worked and over frazzled... Not to mention shuffling kids around (BORRRRING), and joining the class brooklyn bridge walk... and not to mention (but oh, hey I am!) that my dad is in town, with his wife, and we all drove up (in the pouring rain) to Garrison NY, to visit my father-in-law.

So this little round of photos I pulled out, are all about my Pop (and his family). The West Point Grad, Air Force Pilot, Aerospace Engineer, Polish guy from Saint Paul Mn. The guy who woke me up every morning commanding, "Feet on the Floor". That helped me begin my lifetime career of a "belligerent" daughter, as he told me.
"I am not a solider"... "Daaaad!!" as I defiantly plopped on leg over the side of the bed, p…