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the Great Santini

nothing to do with fashion what-so-ever

But I know you were worried about where I was for the last few days... so I had to post something from my archives. I'm in the middle of a couple of web design projects, so my brain is over worked and over frazzled... Not to mention shuffling kids around (BORRRRING), and joining the class brooklyn bridge walk... and not to mention (but oh, hey I am!) that my dad is in town, with his wife, and we all drove up (in the pouring rain) to Garrison NY, to visit my father-in-law.

So this little round of photos I pulled out, are all about my Pop (and his family). The West Point Grad, Air Force Pilot, Aerospace Engineer, Polish guy from Saint Paul Mn. The guy who woke me up every morning commanding, "Feet on the Floor". That helped me begin my lifetime career of a "belligerent" daughter, as he told me.
"I am not a solider"... "Daaaad!!" as I defiantly plopped on leg over the side of the bed, placing my toe on the floor. And then continued to sleep another 15 minutes.

Dear old dad. Gotta love him!

the airforce pilot:

Mom in the bentley: (it is long gone...)

323rd squadron: (dad second from left top row)

gotta love those socks! (dad on right):