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What about Farrah!

Today I'm feeling a little on the quiet side. The drizzle that persists, puts me in a very solemn place.

It could also be the loss of 2 pop icons of my generation, First, Farrah Fawcett, and then Michael Jackson. Poor Farrah, struggled so much to keep her fame, going out with a documentary to remind everyone.. and on her final day, her final curtain call, she gets trumped by Michael. What Irony.

If he hadn't died on the same day, Farrah would be featured prominent on the cover of every website today. But instead, she is a sideline, not a headline. And nothing to say Michael doesn't deserve it. He does. He was an important part of our culture, he was after all the "king of Pop". But let us not forget, Farrah was the queen of pop culture too. She rained in the late 70's. Every girl tried to do a Farrah do. Every boy had her poster on their wall. And she was the first actress to break out of the sex icon to serious actress role.

To Farrah and Mic…

The Original Waif or Oh Glorious Audrey!

Some of the most amazing photos of Audrey Hepburn, were taken by Bob Willoughby in late 50's . A lot of his prints of Audrey were never shown. And now he's selling the remainder of his prints.

Visit his website,, to see all his amazing prints, and if you have the cash, buy me one!!!

Audrey Hepburn in cowboy hat, Green Mansions, 1958 by Bob Willoughby

Audrey Hepburn shopping in Beverly Hills, with 'lp', 1958 by Bob Willoughby

Audrey Hepburn poses with 'lp', 1958 by Bob Willoughby

Audrey Hepburn dressing room with 'lp', 1958 by Bob Willoughby

Audrey Hepburn rehearsing for My Fair Lady by Bob Willoughby

a little bit of inspiration goes a long way...

Today, while the rain and drizzle and gloom settle over me like a wool blanket that I'm itching to get off... I look towards some inspiration.

Alice Neel has always been my artist to go to, when I need a refresher in why I am an artist.

This is one of my favorite paintings by her:

The great lady herself:

Read more about alice here.

I'm a creature of habit, and I tend to only feel the inspiration to paint when it's sunny, and the lighting is right. I thrived in California. But New York has been a bit of a struggle for me. My last painting, done a few years ago, has been nudging me to move forward again (when the web design slows down) to get the brushes out!

Here are The kids, from a few years back:

This is what I started to work on last summer. Funny, I guess this summer I will continue on... Winter solace.. doesn't seem to apply to me!

what a week! now it's time to slip into something sexy

Forgive me fellow bloggers it's been too long since my last post!

I've been mad, mad, mad working to finish this website I was working on! I kept to my deadline, and launched it Friday. Absolutely nothing to do with Fashion and Style. A soccer website!!! LOL []

On to today's treat. I have to direct you over to Frou Frou Fashionista. If you havn't peaked before, it's a must, and if you have, its worth another look. A few days ago a post caught my eye because the images are just so damn beautiful. Gorgeous photography, and gorgeous lingerie. Go look to see the full show!

Just a sample:

images copyright Bruno Dayan

tit tees!!!!!!!! omg.. can I say that?

Have you checked out Tit Tees Blog yet? If not, you should! A lovely blog, where the gorgeous ASH FOX shows us her limited edition street wear designs for ladies and gents (each intricately crafted, but rough around the edge) and shares with us her own glam rocker chic sense of style, parties attended, bands a rockin her Tees, and more!

I myself, could not be helped! I had to get two sexy tees, just for my own!

Tiki thinks I look absolutely yummy.

Please go visit her blog, and get some of her designs on Etsy