June 15, 2009

Daryl Kicked my Ass in Tennis!

Annies eye on Kim and Daryl

So this post is a regurgitation, or share post from one of my favorite bloggers, Annie Spandex! Her original post is here.

I love Kim Gordon, I love Daryl K Vintage. I also think Daryl is pretty cool too. When I moved to NYC in the early 90's, I coveted Daryl K skinny pants. I had a few pairs. There was her shop on Bond, just off the Bowery, but also one over in the East Village that I used to go to, and get pants on sale. And of course, I knew she clothed the ultra cool Kim Gordon. The look was/is a very cool, strong girl, rocker with attitude. I wish I still had a pair of those pants, but at some point I stopped squeezing myself into them, and let them go.

So time went on, I got married, then had kids, and finally moved to Brooklyn. I forgot about those Daryl K Pants. But to my surprise, when my boys entered Pre-K, one of them was in class with a little girl, whose mommies name was Daryl Kerrigan. I think for the most part, I was the only one at the time who knew who she was. Being the clothes whore that I was and am, and never forgetting a face... I caught on. But don't worry, I didn't embarrass her and ask her for a pair of those cool skinny pants. Life went on, and I started to wonder whatever happened to the Daryl K line.

More recently I stumbled across this terrific article (forget where) all about designers in the 90's who get bought up by big corporations and spit them out, and take their name, and then kill the label. I'm not an expert on this, so you should read more about it if your interested. But the upshot is, that Daryl went through some hell in regards to her label, but always perseveres, and keeps doing her thing.

These are some photos from her Fall 09 Collection. Um... my birthday is in October....



Some reading on the subject:
Disaffection, Manifestoes and Plenty of Originality, nytimes
&bull Familiarity Breeds Fans: Daryl K Is Back, nytimes

So, annie posted this cool bit of information! Kim Gordon tagged and autographed a bunch of 90's vintage Daryl K pieces from her personal collection, and Urban Outfitters has put them up on eBay (all proceeds benefiting Kim's charity of choice, Community Resources for People with Autism). Quite a few pieces have been worn on stage. So cool! Somehow I don't think I would fit into Kim's size. I'm a bit, too tall, and not quite so skinny. But I sure would covet the BLACK SATIN STRAIGHT LEG PANTS!!

Some other very cool news for you Sonic Youth fans. They are playing here in July!!

some of my favorite Sonic Youth Videos:

So now, your asking yourself.. um what's up with the Title: Daryl kicked my ass in Tennis?? Well of course I finally met Daryl, as our children have been in the same class, and we have some of the same friends... and I found out she likes to play tennis as much as I do. So we played. And as the title suggests, she did just that! She plays as hard as she designs! Fierce and formidable.

Cheers! Have a happy (hopefully rain free) week!!


Indy Grrrl said...

Sonic Youth, yay!

Annie Spandex said...

Thanks for the mention! I LOVE those satin pants. I bid on the blue ones but didn't meet the reserve :\

Maggie May said...

i looove skinny jeans esp. grey