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Olivia ruled this little girls dreams...

Damn, Olivia Newton-John was awesome!

And I lived those years. I tried to dress like that. Only, I was a pudgy adolescent. But then, I so wanted to be older, like my friend Julie's sisters. We watched them dress up in silky wrap around dresses, long sashes, and sexy Candies shoes and go out for the night with their feathered haired boyfriends. Then we would grab their left overs, a hairbrush, put Abba, ONJ, KC, the Commodores... you get the idea.

This would be the Disco period.

I couldn't embed this video, so go check it out for the fashion. I love the skinny black tie, the leather pants.. and that leather coat is so MEMBERS ONLY!
Olivia Newton-John - A Little More Love

These are also some good ideas of her, style around this period.

Magic, live:


Later she cut her hair, and looked so cool. Fresh Disco! Love the chorus girls outfits:


In highschool, I took Ballet, Tap and Jazz. And for our Jazz recital we did a dance to Let's get PHysical. It was hilareous. If you never saw the orginal video, check it out here.

But of course there were the early days, the country girl. Before I lived in Viriginia, before the Disco phase, I lived in California, and Olivia was still a country girl. Pre Grease, pre Physical. And Have you Never been Mellow ruled my sunny afternoons.

god I love this haircut!!!