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my night out to see The Cult

Last night I saw the Cult play live at Terminal 5 with my friend Daniela. A spectacular show. Ian Astbury voice is as strong as ever. This was the Love tour, and they played all their best songs... She Sells Sanctuary, Rain, Hallow Man, Revolution... To be honest, when they first started playing, it sounded like them, but Ian looked so different. To be fare, I was up on the balcony, so I couldn't see any details of his face. But long gone was the long black hair and bandana!

The crowd was great! A true mix of their 80's followers; heavy metal throwbacks, bikers, goths, old punks. And then the rest of us.. mainly the above 40 crowd.

I used to listen to the cult in the mid 80's along with Siouxsie and the Banshees, sisters of mercy, Bauhaus... they were different than the rest, and rocked, but in a psychedelic way. When they embraced the metal rocker persona, I had moved to L.A. at that time, and heavy metal was in full swing. Every corner of HOllywood boul…

Fashion's Night Out 2009

(outfit: Skirt by Trosman and Ace of Hearts shirt by Tit Tees)

Oh girls, I'm sorry you think I've forsaken this little ol' blog. Well, I had to put it aside for the last week. But last night was so much fun, I had to share!

Went out on the town with my stylishly lovely mommy friends to see what was going on up on Madison and then down in the Bowery for Fashion's Night Out. We met up with Gayle at Barneys, who was loaded down with her purchases of the evening, and had our photo taken from some random photographers. Daniela, who has styled and worked with MK and Ashley, was trying to get us to meet them where they were supposed to be Bartending at Barneys. But it was so mobbed that even their assistant couldn't get near them!

Not to be dissapointed, we continued on through the throng, and ended back downtown on the Bowery, to see our friend Darryl (of Darryl K). Personally I love this neighborhood much better than Madison.. duh! Her shop was rockin'…