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Freaky Fridays - My Moment of... huh?

Desert Storm, circa 1990, Women of War
"Operation Petticoat"

By the Leaders of  the art group"HolyLand" (1988-91), Reverend Ralph and Doctor Brett. 
Photography by John Eder.   
This shot was part of a series for a Calendar.  

Hmmm. You just got to wonder who the models are. I'm not at liberty to disclose their identity... but the one in the middle.. she went by the name of Dudette. She was studying Fine Art at the Art School in the mountains, and frequently modeled for students.

Peepshow, creepshow... Where did you get those eyes?

Last week I went to my friend director Eva Midgely's private screening for her film Peep Show in Soho, which she wrote and directed. Eva also played some of her earlier works from Erotic Moments, an award-winning series of seven short films, and the tease film Honey and Bunny.

Eva Midgely

“It’s a story of love and longing, loneliness and disconnect. And then there is this sliver of possibility…” - quote taken from SMart. I found it quite captivating.

The presentation took place at ION Studio, surrounded by her husband and longtime collaborator John Midgley’s fantastic, erotic and pre-raphalite series titled “Rapture”.

I can't help it, but my favorite is Honey and Bunny. I love the outfits, very sexy and luxurious, and the two girls that act out their little fantasies on each other are darling. Eva did this film a few years ago, also with John, for the luxurious lingerie and erotic toy Boutique, Coco de mer.

Look what I found on youtube. Honey and bunny.. Not for the prude…

A Tart goes to Heaven

Lately, I'm pretending to be Suzi Crocker... or The Contessa Suzanne... or... something of that nature. I always referred to myself when it came to baking and stitching as, Martha on Crack. It's like it almost looks perfect, but if it looks perfect, something inside is not quite right. However, I've finally come a long way...

Last weekend I tried out this recipe. Raspberry Peach Tart. Sounded delicious. Everything seemed to go well, but I had two main problems. One, I forgot to sift the flour. How bad could that be? And two, the peaches weren't perfectly ripe. Oh well… we must press on.

It didn't come out that bad, and looked awfully pretty. It started out kind of dry, IMHO,but the longer it sat, those Raspberries blended nicely in and made it juicier.

Have a look...

Raspberry Peach Tart
Prepared, and ready to be cooked

Raspberry Peach Tart

So, I thought, yum. This is a good idea. What if I changed a few things. Instead of Peaches and Raspberries, how…