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A Tart goes to Heaven

Lately, I'm pretending to be Suzi Crocker... or The Contessa Suzanne... or... something of that nature. I always referred to myself when it came to baking and stitching as, Martha on Crack. It's like it almost looks perfect, but if it looks perfect, something inside is not quite right. However, I've finally come a long way...

Last weekend I tried out this recipe. Raspberry Peach Tart. Sounded delicious. Everything seemed to go well, but I had two main problems. One, I forgot to sift the flour. How bad could that be? And two, the peaches weren't perfectly ripe. Oh well… we must press on.

It didn't come out that bad, and looked awfully pretty. It started out kind of dry, IMHO,but the longer it sat, those Raspberries blended nicely in and made it juicier.

Have a look...

Raspberry Peach Tart
Prepared, and ready to be cooked


Raspberry Peach Tart


So, I thought, yum. This is a good idea. What if I changed a few things. Instead of Peaches and Raspberries, how about, Pears and Blueberries. I don't know? Why not. Just a guess. And this time, when I prepared the fruit, I added a little sugar, a dash of salt, and some cinnamon. The sugar idea I got from my friend, as she always puts sugar on her strawberries, and the salt, I had read about on another recipe. The cinnamon was my idea. Why not? The thing is, this recipe is lacking in description. I like recipes that tell you what something should look like, or give you tips. This is sort of made for someone who already knows what they're doing. So I had to play with it a few times.

My son Dean, stepped in and helped me decorate the top with the pears and blueberries. Oh, and this time, I did not forget to sift the flour.

The Blueberry Pear Tart
All prepped for step 2


Adding the confectioner's powder


mmmm, yummy. Straight out of the oven


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