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Mamma Cooked a Bundt Cake

I've taken baking by the reins, and I'm just going for it! My first, was the Peach and Rasberry Tart, which I modified into the Pear and Blueberry Tart. So far my favorite. But this weekend I baked a "Sour Cream Pound Cake", which I call "Lemon Bundt Cake". It's so lemony, the name needed to be modified. And I used my new Bundt pan, so I had to add that into it's newly modified name.

When I first started this new hobby, I used a recipe (for the Rasberry tart) that while good, left out a whole lot of information. How is one novice supposed to know what "creaming" is, or the finesse of "adding eggs", or yet the importance of doing it correctly. I didn't know to alternate wet and dry ingredients... slowly. To let the batter flow gently into the pan, then gently tap it to let it belch the bubbles out. Also, about "sifting". How you really don't need to do that much anymore as the way flour has been produced lately, it already has the lumps out. So you can just "whisk it". Then measure it. Always measure after you whisk. So

So how did I find out all this? I found this amazing book, All Cakes Considered, by Melissa Grey, a writer for the radio show All Things Considered. She made each of these recipes and brought them into work every monday for her co-workers. Then decided to make a cook book out of them all. But I just love the way she broke down her grannies recipes, explaining all that stuff that confused me. And in a fun way!

Now it's my goal, to go through each and every recipe, and do them. To learn, to love, and to share with my family, friends and you.

Here is the First in the book, and the 3rd of my baking adventures:

The Lemon Bundt Cake

makin' the cake:

in the oven:

survey says YES!