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Muse: live at Madison Square Garden

Friday night I went with Daniela to see one of my favorite bands, Muse. I had purchased the tickets pre-sale online through the bands site. Something quite rare for me. I'm usually the last to find out about something. But I made it. It didn't give me an option as to were to sit so I just selected the slightly higher priced ticket.

So after months of waiting, the day arrived. When we got there we were turned away at the front and told we needed to go around the side!

Oops. Without even realizing it I got the way cool standing only tickets! Right up and close!

All I have to say is amazing! Truly a spectacular performance and talent.

I took all these photos from my iPhone and posted this post via iPhone. I also took some amazing video, although the sound is distorted at time, due to the fact that we were just so close to the amps. Yes my ears are still ringing!

Here is some video footage...