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How do you Do? Well thanks for asking, I do nicely in Leather!

Introducing My New Leather Jacket!

Purchased at a local store here in Brooklyn (lovely but way too expensive to normally walk in). Yes, it wasn't cheap, but not crazy either, like the 1,200 Pound version from Rick Owns on net-a-porter (see photo and link to left).

It took me a bit to make out the name... the tag says line. (with the period). But eventually I figured it out, and found it on the Bloomingdales site. It is Line, style "ellen". Found it also on Piperlime.

But mine's in black. I bet you could tell that from the pictures. Sure, I would love to afford the Rick Owens version. And I've rocked my Target version for some time. But I thought I deserved something in-between. I have been very good this year!

remember... shhhhh!

A Conversation with a my Favorite Fashionista

Florence is 9. She has been incorporating her mother's wardrobe with pieces her father brings home from work, and pared them up with her own bits and pieces, creating a look that is special to her self.

Last weekend when I tromped over to my dear friend Victoria's birthday party, I encountered the most stylish of us all. Florence. Decked out in her Top hat, Stella McCartney for gap jacket, and a pair of her moms high heels. Jealousy coursed through my body, wishing I myself had a cool jacket like that, and could walk in heels as graciously as she.

For shame.
I came to my senses, and realized, here, the little tomboy who used to run about with popsicle goo on her face, growing up along side my two wild boys, slinging mud and catching frogs at the beach, has matured into a lovely little Fashionista. I was impressed, to say the least. So as I teetered home late that night, I knew she must be my first interview, or conversation, that I would have with many of the …

The Lady Sullivan Celebrates

Celebrations of celebrations! Have to say, Lady Tor knows how to throw a bash! She should go into event planning!

The invite:

The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts,
All on a summer day:
The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts,
And took them quite away!

Entertaining Eva mixed the cocktails under the warm glow of decorations and laughter. The music was expertly and entertainingly DJ'd by Eli Jenney. The food was abundant and deserts a plenty. What more could one say? Yummy, and delicious. Fun and Hilarious. The Headaches were the reminder the next day.

Tarting Around the Kitchen, Again

I am stubborn. Also, my kids wanted to try the tart I made yesterday, so why not do it again. And this time, get it right. Although, there were no complaints last night!

(and all of this, using a hand mixer and dough blender)
Please don't label me "martha stewart", just because I started baking. I mean.. really, I only do it once a week.. if that. Maybe, Martha on crack. Ok. I'll settle for that. I'm just really enjoying this hobby. Something to zone out to.  I get caught up in the process, and then of course the happy ending.  There is so much stress these days, this is a great way for me to just blow off steam and relax.

(getting it right: Less jam, better distribution.)
My mom has been really helpful in this whole new world I've discovered. I call her up right in the middle of one of my projects... "hey, um Mom, is it normal to have dark specks in my Corn Meal?" or "ok, which one of these gadets that goes with this Kitchen Aide (she gav…

A Tart for Tor

or, Black Cherry Jam Tart, or Baking in Brooklyn.

I'm so into baking, and trying things out, then hopefully adding my own special, inexperienced touch. But sometimes that touch doesn't go so well.

I absolutely love Smitten Kitchen, a lovely blog by Deb, who humors me with her wit and artfully made and presented bites. As I was trying to figure out what to make for my friend's birthday tonight, I started digging around for something that would be simple, and nice. Something where I wouldn't need a Mixer (kitchenaide, as mine is in the country) or a large quisenart. Can anyone say, old fashioned, wooden spoon? oh, maybe a little bit of the hand mixer. That's ok. So that's when I discovered her post on her "easy jam tart" (you can get the recipe there).

So things started out pretty well. But in afterthought, when I started applying my little dials of dow to the top, maybe I should have given a bigger ration of dow to the top, and pressed the bott…

Fabulous Biker Bitches of Brooklyn

This photo was taken for a photo shoot promoting bicycling, with my dearest of friends Tor and Rikke. I don't know the details. I don't think this photo is going to be used, as they are not wearing helmets. errr.
Photo by John Midgley.
Models: Victoria, Hannah, and Rikke.