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A Conversation with a my Favorite Fashionista

Florence is 9. She has been incorporating her mother's wardrobe with pieces her father brings home from work, and pared them up with her own bits and pieces, creating a look that is special to her self.

Last weekend when I tromped over to my dear friend Victoria's birthday party, I encountered the most stylish of us all. Florence. Decked out in her Top hat, Stella McCartney for gap jacket, and a pair of her moms high heels. Jealousy coursed through my body, wishing I myself had a cool jacket like that, and could walk in heels as graciously as she.

For shame.
I came to my senses, and realized, here, the little tomboy who used to run about with popsicle goo on her face, growing up along side my two wild boys, slinging mud and catching frogs at the beach, has matured into a lovely little Fashionista. I was impressed, to say the least. So as I teetered home late that night, I knew she must be my first interview, or conversation, that I would have with many of the future fashion divas to come.

pictured here with my son Jackson and his matching Jacket

So I sat down with Florence at the Brooklyn Hideaway, in the lovely patio, and we talked about individual style, and where she gets her ideas from...

Below, the live audio of our conversation: