April 23, 2010

A Conversation with a my Favorite Fashionista

Florence is 9. She has been incorporating her mother's wardrobe with pieces her father brings home from work, and pared them up with her own bits and pieces, creating a look that is special to her self.

Last weekend when I tromped over to my dear friend Victoria's birthday party, I encountered the most stylish of us all. Florence. Decked out in her Top hat, Stella McCartney for gap jacket, and a pair of her moms high heels. Jealousy coursed through my body, wishing I myself had a cool jacket like that, and could walk in heels as graciously as she.

For shame.

I came to my senses, and realized, here, the little tomboy who used to run about with popsicle goo on her face, growing up along side my two wild boys, slinging mud and catching frogs at the beach, has matured into a lovely little Fashionista. I was impressed, to say the least. So as I teetered home late that night, I knew she must be my first interview, or conversation, that I would have with many of the future fashion divas to come.

So I sat down with Florence at the Brooklyn Hideaway, in the lovely patio, and we talked about individual style, and where she gets her ideas from...

Me: When did you start becoming interested in fashion?

flo: When I started this game called Style Savvy. It's a DS game, where you have your own boutique and you have to make people happy, with... um clothes you pick out by seeing what brand they like. Like girly pink, and wearing black with bow ties, and stuff like that.

Oh. Do you get to mix and match things on your own?


And do you save it?

Well... You don't exactly save it... You put together an outfit that you think they might like. You press ok, then take a look. If they don't like it, you go back and find another outfit. You get 3 chances, but then if they don't like it on the 3rd chance, they just don't buy and leave. But if they do, they buy it and take their bag with them. Or they dress up. Like yesterday, I was playing on it, and this girl who really loves my shop, came and asked for a nice outfit to match her shoes, and she loved it and she wore it home. And it had a little tag hanging right here. (laughter)

You would really love this app called Closet for the iPhone...

Oh my mom has that!

Yeah? Well that would be good for you too. You could go and take pictures of your favorite pieces, not everything, that would be too time consuming... You could create outfits from those items. Some people don't need that, but some people need reminders of what works better with certain items.

So who is your favorite fashion influence?

My dad....(much clearing of throat from background) and mommy. (laughter)

But your daddy does brings home a lot of fun things for you.

yah, sometimes.

Where does he get them?


What does he do?

He's a journalist... he writes about fashion, pea coats... for boys and girls.

But mainly men right?

Well, yeah.

He works at a mens magazine right? (more laughter from mommy and Flo)

Yeah, sort of.

Esquire, right?

yea esquire.

The other night I saw you at your mommies birthday, all dressed up. Will you describe you outfit you wore to her birthday?

A crewcuts little dress with tight skinny legging-thing jeans. A jacket.. gap kids... (whispering) Stella McCartney gap... an old fashioned jacket with heavy laces, and fancy buttons...

What did it remind you of?

Michael Jackson

Exactly... But you had that on...

and a top hat and glasses

Yeah top hat and little mirrored sunglasses

The top hat was dad's idea.

But what did you have on your feet???

High heels.. (giggles)

Do you know who they were.. they must have been something fancy since they came from your mommy...

no, they weren't a designer.

No.. oh but you looked really fashionable!

So... you are very young and you have the world ahead of you... but does fashion influence your world a lot? Might it be in your future?

Maybe... I don't know.

Well there is plenty of time.

It was so great talking with you!! Maybe next time, we'll do a video interview!!!

Thank you florence for doing this interview with me!!!

This is a photo of Flo with my Son Jackson, over the holidays with their new McCartney jackets

Below, the live audio of our conversation:


Annie Spandex said...

Loving the sequin blazer and she is adorable!

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

That's Victoria in her Philip Lim jacket. (see post: http://mommydrinkstyle.blogspot.com/2010/03/esquire-abbreviated-esq-is-term-of.html)
She looked stunning, and now we know where Florence gets it from!