April 16, 2010

Light and Flirty

It's been a long week.. oh what with taxes, kids, parties, taxes, and playing with this new iPhone app called Closet! So I haven't been quite "on-it" with the postings. What can I say? This girl is busy. I spent a good about of time trying to take pictures of each item in my closet.. and well, barely got past 1/8 of the stuff. I mean really? Talk about the perfect torture device. Going forward I'll take them as I get them... LOL. And maybe this app is stupid on an everyday level, but it's a great idea for trips.

Some posts coming up

So yes, I was too busy to do proper postings. But I have a slew of photos, and ideas. 1. Of course I have to share with you some of the items I photographed from my closet. 2. I've been just taking pictures of random things, I thought were interesting... so they might show themselves. 3. My plantings and garden stuff.. although, I might just put that on my other blog, I've been trying to work on... Go Girl! Garden! 4. And most exciting... I have to share the photos from last nights event! I went to this great private party at Coco de Mer, with my book club girls. It was our girls night out. And I came home with a special gift bag from Simon, one of the partners.

What a week!

And now I'm thinking of re-organizing this blog. Same thing really, but my categories are kind of random. I have some ideas that might help me be more productive. Something like this:

Interviews & Reviews
Baking it & Making it
Mommy got style
Home and Garden... (or this will just be on my garden blog...)
Fashion and Music
New Things Found and Old Things Discovered...

Something like that. Don't expect this to happen over night. I have a couple of "paying" jobs to work on, and more "projects". But I just wanted to share the ideas I've got cooking.

Kiss kiss!

"Mommydrinks, eating lunch during a particularly excellent blog posting moment"

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