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Tarting Around the Kitchen, Again


I am stubborn. Also, my kids wanted to try the tart I made yesterday, so why not do it again. And this time, get it right. Although, there were no complaints last night!

(and all of this, using a hand mixer and dough blender)

Please don't label me "martha stewart", just because I started baking. I mean.. really, I only do it once a week.. if that. Maybe, Martha on crack. Ok. I'll settle for that. I'm just really enjoying this hobby. Something to zone out to.  I get caught up in the process, and then of course the happy ending.  There is so much stress these days, this is a great way for me to just blow off steam and relax.

(getting it right: Less jam, better distribution.)

My mom has been really helpful in this whole new world I've discovered. I call her up right in the middle of one of my projects... "hey, um Mom, is it normal to have dark specks in my Corn Meal?" or "ok, which one of these gadets that goes with this Kitchen Aide (she gave me) can I use to "fold" in the flour?"   She really is helpful.

(right out of the oven)

I was at my favorite cooking store yesterday in Brooklyn, The Cooks Companion, buying some needed gadgets, including one of those thingies for my mixer. She asked me if I had the Kitchen Aide where the head went back, or the one with the lever. I said the lever. She said I had the wrong gadget. The one I had there was for the one with the head that goes back. "Oh." She went and got the other one, and showed it to me. It was bigger. The one with the head that goes back is smaller. I said, "That's so funny, cause I just told my mom, that I remembered our old Kitchen Aide being a lot bigger than the one I have now." She argued that it wasn't. I insisted. I guess, in perspective, to a seven year old, it did look big bigger.

Ahhh. Perfection


now for the critics...

Outcome? "This tart is amazing", said jackson with his mouth full. Dean (in photo) didn't say a word, his mouth was full. Thumbs up!

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