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Dancing till I trip into the Cab...

Which I think I did.

Here we go. The moment you have been waiting for! My stunning self squished into the second dress! And how lucky was I that in one week I had 3 occasions to go out and dress up in cute little silky dresses. This, my favorite piece, I wore Saturday Night to my friend Sonya's birthday. And what fun night! I made some new friends too.

Queen of Tarts


Here I am with my famous Blueberry and Pear Tart, turned into a Birthday cake for Sonya

This is "thee" mommies of Brooklyn. Well we are missing a few, but they couldn't make the event! I would call this show, "The Real Ladies of Brooklyn". Not "housewives", because how does that define anyone solely? And not all are "housewives"! Single moms! Hmmm.


Top Photo: Me, Sonya & Jennifer. Round Photo: Daniela, Jennifer, Sonya & me.
Bottom Left: Victoria a& Sonya.  Right Bottom: Me & Jennifer


And introducing Marco, my dream date.