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21 questions with stylist Daniela Jung

by suzanne warfield, July 30, 2009

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Stylist Daniela Jung, graciously let me interview her via email this week. Daniela and I bonded during the presidential elections last year. She had me in hysterics at night, when we chatted via IM or text, dissecting the speeches between Obama and McCain, Palin and Biden. "Can you believe she just said that?" Then this year, the new obsession was the Real Housewives of New York City. Again... "Can you believe she just said that?"
      I recently spent a weekend with her, her partner Jelle (who by the way plays in the awesome band The Cold Stone Dandies and is a photographer) and their very lovely daughter Nico. It was a fun weekend to say the least!
       And by the way this is an interview with her, so without further adieu let's begin...

1. I think you have an amazing sense of style, so it only seems fitting that you ended up styling some of the most fashionable, and famous! How would you describe your signature look?
patti smith meets zandra rhodes

2. I heard you have collaborated with Mary Kate after you both really hit it off the first time you worked together. Tell me a bit about what you worked on with her.
I worked with MK and Ashley on their coffee table book "Influence", which was published last year -- it was a very collaborative effort as we have similar taste and gravitate towards the same things....I also work on their contemporary line "Elizabeth & James", which has become a mainstay in my wardrobe. These girls know what they're doing....


3. Who inspires you?
I can't really name a particular person, I get inspired by so many things - random people on the street, music, art, movies, great photography, travel...

4. what is your favorite store to shop in for work and what is your favorite store for just yourself?
well, now that it has finally arrived, I'd have to say Top Shop, but I also frequently hit Barneys, Zara and H&M for jobs. If I go shopping for myself, I usually go to vintage shops and flea markets, as going to regular shops makes me feel like I'm working! I love NY Vintage, Marmalade, Resurrection and Bless in New York - if in LA, I'll always check out Maxfield. I can also spend hours at Strand books...

5. What items do you have to splurge on?
Shoes! such a cliche, although I'm not a heels girl - but I'm obsessed with boots and always find new ones I like.

6. What are your favorite trends this season?
I'd like to think that I don't follow trends very much, but I do like that a lot of the fall collections were quite dark, androgynous, and layered, which reflects my personal style.

7. What trend would you most like to see disappear?
I call it "the bad 80's" - if you frequent American Apparel, you know what I mean....

8. What do you carry in your purse?
blackberry, keys, labello lip balm, tic tac's...nothing to exciting I'm afraid;-)

9. How do you keep in touch with the latest fashions?
By virtue of my job I get to see a lot of collections up close all the time, but I also follow a lot of blogs, as they give you an interesting perspective as to how people interpret current trends in fashion- and influence them!

10. Which magazines do you read? And which one is your favorite?
I like French Vogue, Tar, Self Service, fav fashion mag is probably W, for the sheer fact that it exists in America!

11. Do you have any style tips specifically for me... LOL?
you have great personal style - you don't need any tips - honestly!

12. What is your favorite item in your closet?
Probably my Vivienne Westwood Seditionary Boots, I've had them for years, but I still love and wear them all the time. Another fav is a shearling coat from The Row that I pretty much wore every day this winter.

13. How did you get started as a stylist?
I started as an assistant at German Vogue and after I left, an art director friend suggested I should start styling - it was really a natural progression...

14. who are some of the most interesting people you've worked with.. just to name a few?
I'm a huge music fan, and worked as fashion director at Spin Magazine for five years - during that time I got to meet and work with so many of my fav bands and musicians - Morrisey, The Pixies, Kim Gordon, Jack White, Radiohead...also - working with Mick Rock, the legendary photographer - he's such a funny and humble man...

15. What is your favorite city for shopping?
Probably Berlin, because - although I'm german - it feels so foreign to me. shops have such different aesthetics, its really interesting and inspiring...

16. Who qualifies as a true fashion icon?
Kate Moss

17. Your from Germany... when did you move to the U.S? Was that before or after your gorgeous daughter Nico was born?
I came to NY the first time in 1996 and moved permanently in 1998, my daughter Nico was born here, but I always remind her that she's really European:-)

18. What do you think are the biggest differences between american style and german style, and then again, the similarities?
I would say they both like their comfort, although Germans are more conservative dressers - you won't see people past a certain age wearing sneakers for instance. it also seems that germans are somehow perpetually stuck in the 80's - when I look at german celeb magazines, I still see a lot of big hair and blue eyeshadow...

19. Who is your dream client living or dead?
Verushka! She's so iconic and interesting - I'd love to collaborate with her on something.... I actually met her once, years ago, at a mutual friends house for dinner - she brought a meatloaf that she made and afterwards I called all my friends and told them I had Verushka's meatloaf for dinner! It was surreal...

20. Whose closet would you most like to raid?
probably Verushka's - when I met her, she told me she had all this boxes of vintage clothes from the 60's and 70's - can you imagine?!

21. What do you enjoy most about being a stylist?
That I get to work on so many vastly different projects and and work with so many incredibly talented people. I get to travel, and I really appreciate that my job gives me an outlet to be creative. I always remind myself how lucky I am to get paid well for something I enjoy doing.

One thing I'll add... Tomatoes are out, and Pickles are in!


Visit Daniela's website to see her portfolio:

nyloncover [ after writing this post, I looked at Daniela's site again, and realized, she styled Scarlett Johansson last July for the cover of Nylon. One of my favorite covers that I held on to, just cause I love the look of that photo.. the rock chick glamour look! And I didn't even realize she styled her!! ]