August 31, 2010

Brooklyn. Home at last!

This is what I love about Brooklyn.  I just jumped on my bike to go up to Prospect Heights and register my son at LAVA for this very cool gymnastics program.  On the way down (slight slope), I stopped at a bike store, Ride Brooklyn, and picked up a new set of Linus panniers, in navy blue canvas, a new bike lock which wraps and leaves more room for locking around impossible situations and a nice loud bell.  Cling, cling!   Then after that, I sat down in this lovely organic kitchen, right next door, called Sun in Bloom. It was really lovely. Nice relaxing... and the scramble that I had was yummy.  Spicy and fresh.  I won't mention my next stop, it was personal.  But if you know the block, you can guess.

I love Brooklyn. It's nice to get away sometimes, and breath fresh air. To see some other types of wild life. But I have to say...   living in Brooklyn really keeps you alive.

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