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The Troops Go Marching On

Hello my dear readers!
It has been some time since I've properly blogged. I've been spending the summer revising my blogs design. First it was the surface, but then there was the interior to tackle. It didn't really want to do what I was trying to do! But, alas, some modifications, and now I have it under control! I've added some nice graphics to go with my "labels or categories". And I've even added a twitter gadget.

You might wonder, if your one of my followers from before Lady Warfield, why I changed the name of the blog. I'm not sure I can truly express this. But, just to simplify, I needed something fresh. Mommydrinks, is great, and you can still email me there (if you know the email).. but I am not just a mommy. And I find that term defines me, in my blog, as a mommy and as a mommy who drinks. I am both. But I am more.

Also, why Lady Warfield Presents? I think that is self explanatory!

and here I go now... marching to the tune of my own beat!

(This is an original 1950-54 West Point uniform from my own personal collection.  Donated to me by the original Great Santini him self... my father)