September 30, 2010

Another reason I need a black blazer!

Don't you love it when you forget that you ordered something amazing from a great little boutique online, and the doorbell rings, to find a nice little package with something yummy inside?

I do.

And today's surprise was from Victoire Boutique! Our neighbors from above!

Love my new T, Ghost Face! It would look good in a little blue/black blazer...

RĂ©gine and Katie create a lovely mix of edgy wares with classic pieces. Described as a “Rock ’n’ Roll tea party”,  I like how on the website it relates the shopping experience to going through your most stylish friend’s closet – like my friend Tor.   "Effortless at yet at same time, always mixing old with new, high with low, tradition with transgression?"  Yes, that sounds like Tor.

"Loved by rebel girls with good manners everywhere".

Byward Market
246 Dalhousie Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 7E2

Wellington Village
1282 Unit B. Wellington St. West
Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A7


September 29, 2010

The old tart looks good all dressed up...

Yes, that's a sneaky way of saying, this isn't exactly a new recipe of mine.. just dressed up a little bit better!

The old tart looks good all dressed up...

Yes, that's a sneaky way of saying, this isn't exactly a new recipe of mine.. just dressed up a little bit better!

September 27, 2010

J.Crew and Anthropology are making me crazy!

Ok, or maybe I'm just getting lazy, and I love the idea of going through a catalogue, and having my clothes styled fo rme.  Such gorgeous layouts, such brilliant pieces.   It's all just a little too easy, if not expensive.

But these are my favorite looks from J.Crew and Anthropology.   I might admit to getting a piece here and there.. but yes, I do have my own look, whatever that is, and I just can't see walking around like a catalogue clone.

er... or so that's what their selling us.

September 23, 2010

Fashion Night Out with Lady Warfield and Lady Victoria

(article originally posted 9/11/10. Reposted due to extreme demand)

Last night was a scene! So much going on, so many things to do, so many invites.. where to go? Well these two ladies; glamourous mommies out on the town, only have so much time.

First stop, home town. Atlantic Boulevard, Brooklyn.

We met up at Consignment, where we both immediately consumed two glasses of champagne (they were small) and made some stellar purchases. I found a Stella McCartney shirt and a VINCE dress. Elegant... and black. After much happiness and photos, we ran off to catch the C to Canal, where we quickly navigated the cobble streets to Kate Spade.

{ at kate spade with Tim Gunn being interviewed by The Cut's Amy Odell }

{ Victoria with "the Shoe", twirl the perfume, Deborah and I posing with smiles }

{ Jean Butler, Deborah Lloyd  (not Deb)  and Victoria Sullivan of White Rabbit England }
Victoria was mentioned making an appearance at Deborah's brunch that ran in the 
September edition of Elle this month.   Unfortunately, her photo didn't make the spread.  
So isn't it lovely they are pictured here all together again 

Kate Spade was jammed with people, and we were told Tim Gunn was already autographing his new book, Gunn's Golden Rules. We spotted our target, Deborah Lloyd. Deborah is the Creative director/co-president of Kate Spade, and a long time friend of Victoria's, a new friend of mine. Both her and her husband, Simon are fantastic and fun. Simon was over at his shop, Coco de mer, which we were headed to next.

Immediately Deborah signaled one of her staff, and the next thing we know we were on our 3rd glass of champagne. Jean Butler, was there too, another friend of Victoria's who I've met before. She's amazing and tall, with gorgeous red hair. Her husband, Cuan Hanly, is the co-president of Jack Spade.

I noticed a girl interviewing Tim Gunn through the crowds, and it was the same girl who spoke the day before at the IFB conference I attended, Amy Odell. Now this was fun. Before yesterday, I would never have recognized her! Now I'm navigating myself around the fashionable and celebrity bloggers. First thing I did this morning was look her up on the Cut, and sure enough she posted her interview, Tim Gunn Has Seen Editors ‘Act Out’ on the Front Row.

We were having so much fun, it was sad when we parted to go to our next event... a quick stop at Jack Spade. There was a little ping pong match going on, and Jean decided to put down her champagne and have at it. Let's just say, step back, and be prepared to be defeated!

{ At Jack Spade }

The streets were packed! Soho was a zoo. The energy was high, electricity in the air! Off we went on our next quest... the Burlesque show at Coco de mer.

Sure enough, there was a sexy lady dancing in the window to greet us. Simon was second to greet us, and the ladies of coco. This time around, we switched to a lovely little drink made up of tequila and wine.. over ice, with soda water and mint. A funny kind of mojito. Pretty good. Good enough that I started sifting through the racks of lingerie. I even tried on a garmet and went into the special room, where you can take a snapshop and send a photo to someone... which I sent to Mr. Warfield (my husband).

{ playtime at coco de mer }

Time was ticking by and it was time to move on to Daryl K. The Bowery was really a crackin', and a carnival atmosphere flew over us as we turned the corner onto Bond. I worked my way in to Daryl's little shop, and spotted her, and she gave me the warmest and loveliest of welcomes. They had apparently been partying for hours.

Daryl capturing the essence of the evening..

{ the glamours Cheryl Tiegs }

{ the walls of inspiration }

I love this scene, so rocker and un-fashiony. Just cutting edge fun. Slashes and softness, black and grey with shots of color. Darryl took us to the back, where we perused her samples. Jean found this great jacket. SO lucky. Samples are always so small for me! Victoria tried on these hot little leather leggings... again.. awesome.

{ Backstage at Daryl K's }

Time to go home. So why not have fun on the subway. With the brooklyn bridge closed at night, and the cabs refusing to go to brooklyn, I am pleased it's easier to talk everyone in to taking the subway. It's so much more entertaining!

{ the ladies: all in their late night glamour }

Finding things and sharing...

These are some things I've been collecting. Some are gifts, and some are heirlooms. Some are just things I've found in dusty antique stores. I love them all, and I love the ones that are gifts because they will always remind me of the person who gave them to me.

(Bambie souvenir plaques and rooster, and hens all from little antique shops in Cold Springs, NY)

( a christmas gift from Lady Sullivan)

(from a little shop in Boerum Hill NY)

(also from a little antique shop in cold springs NY)

(the private collection of Thomas R. Shukay, West Point Military Graduate, and my father)