September 23, 2010

Finding things and sharing...

These are some things I've been collecting. Some are gifts, and some are heirlooms. Some are just things I've found in dusty antique stores. I love them all, and I love the ones that are gifts because they will always remind me of the person who gave them to me.

(Bambie souvenir plaques and rooster, and hens all from little antique shops in Cold Springs, NY)

( a christmas gift from Lady Sullivan)

(from a little shop in Boerum Hill NY)

(also from a little antique shop in cold springs NY)

(the private collection of Thomas R. Shukay, West Point Military Graduate, and my father)

1 comment:

sherri said...

those deers are awesome. i think i just realized that roosters freak me out. though, i am please for you as a collector. seriously, thoser roosters are freakin me out.