September 21, 2010

muncha buncha muncha buncha fritos go with lunch...

Ok, so maybe not in one of Melissa's amazingly packed Bento lunches for her 4 kids.  Did you not know what a Bento lunch was?  I sure didn't.   Somehow, I feel like I've failed my kids  in the quest to have fun lunches.    Actually, after much of a struggle to get them to eat the lunches I pack, I started this school year back at it.  I was getting tired of finding half eaten, if that sandwiches, and forgotten lunches stuffed in the bottom of their bag.   Apparently, they forgot. SO this year I went out and got them "special" lunch bags.   So far so good.  Or so I thought.

But I guess I could do better.  At anotherlunch.com, I've learned I could be a whole lot more creative.

I feel slightly inspired. I encourage you to check out her blog. There's loads of information.

I guess they days of Fritos in the brown paper bag with a twinkie are long gone. I sure have great memories of that! It was either PB&J or Tuna for me, and 10 cents for an orange push-up. It was all good unless I got my dad's lunch by mistake... a PB&B. Yuk.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Those lunches are CRAZY- I'm sorry there is NO WAY that any child would appreciate them enough to make it worth the effort- Plus there is no way they LOOK like that after being slepped to school by a child.

I guess I don't love my monkeys that much.

On the bright side our monkeys go to a Jewish school where my culinary fare would not pass the rigorous rules of Kashrut (Kosher Laws) so all lunches are provided for the children as part of tuition. I know- I'm lucky.

lady warfield said...

Haha! Well now I feel better. The boys Like my make shift lunch just fine. No need for extremes! Kudos to her... But I'm too tire in the morning and too drunk at night to pack such fancy fare.
It's just too bad the public schools don't have a better standard of nutrition.