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Reminiscing 80's high-school fashion during fashion week..

Ah... just sitting here after the storm swept through.... relaxing. I just put the kids to bed, and am merrily drinking a glass of red wine, while in the background the radio plays. Eventually I pay attention because a particular song brings me out of my semi-consious state. What we do. By DEVO. Ah DEVO. It's a nice way to switch pace from the manic day to frame my evening plans.

Which really only involves more wine, a bit of writing, and possibly a movie.

So I've just been having fun going through photos from fashion week, and laughing at some of the "trends". Loads that look familiar.

I went to a very good public school in Northern Virginia. And the trend there, was either Jock, Preppy or pot head/grit/stoner. But there was a handful... really just a mere handful of few pioneers boldly testing the conservative climate with the soon to a rage New Wave trend. Some brave souls veering towards punk. But they (we) wouldn't really go full steam punk until off in college, where others came together from other places, in a new safer climate of experimentation.

I loved to play with all the looks. So if you look at a photo album of me in high-school, you'll see I look like a prep, stoner girl or new wave.

The two shots I've enclosed here, are my attempt at new wave. I did actually go out in the outfit above. I wore leg warmers. Bright colors. Polka dots. The perm.. well that was big, to have big hair and big shoulders. I loved to listen to the Go-Go's, Devo, The Jam, The Police, Blondie, The Clash, of and of course David Bowie.

I did not actually go out in the outfit below. I might have put a big bright yellow sweater with a cowl neck. But I would not have been allowed out the door looking like a punk prostitute. I'm only 17 in this photo.

I loved that leopard print tank. And the earring are from my first visit to New York in 1983. They are from the original Fiorucci's, the Italian fashion label founded by Elio Fiorucci in 1967. In the early 1980s the New York store became famous for the fashions it introduced to the US. It was known as the "daytime Studio 54".

Ok, but enough about that. Would you check out the posters on the wall behind me? What the? It looks like I was really into Guess? jeans.