September 13, 2010

The sultry days of summer seem long past already...

I am so in love with this scarf that my friend Daniela was wearing this summer. I've seen it before when the weather was cold, wrapped luxuriously around her neck. I remember her telling me her friend had designed it–– That she just took these different scarfs she collected from around the world, and sewed them together to make one long–– larger scarf. Genius I thought.

Then this summer when Daniela was visiting me out at the beach, she had it again! Only this time it served as a sarong, or a much needed coverup during the hot summer day.

Daniela always looks so effortlessly glam. She spends her time styling others to look casually glamours, that it just comes so naturally to her. She has her own very unique style, that I constantly try out. With some success, and some not so..

So coming back from the long hot summer, and now that the rain has come, I looked through my photos, and was reminded of that scarf. I remembered she said "Ebony & Ivory" and sure enough, I found some more samples. None quite have the same look as the one Daniela has. There are a lot. And these samples are online, so that I think the one she has is a bit more special, as it was given to her. Also, the ones I keep finding online are from the UK. So I keep looking.

Here are some more samples:

I found these scarves online on Cricket Liverpool

Bianca Vaitl, the designer, is also from Germany like Danielle. She was a model turned television presenter. The scarves are made up of Palestinian, Tibetan and printed skull scarves sewn together, with hand written love poetry along the seams.


sherri said...

ahhhh there you are. I love a damn scarf. and these are genius. such a clever idea, I'm surprised I haven't seen it before. will have to wrap up my neck in one soon. well, off to click the link to see if I can afford or not.

sherri said...

and...just checked the price...i'll be sewing my own. but that's cool, i like the idea of finding the fabric and doing it myself, too. almost as much as that cool skull one. almost.

lady warfield said...

It's a brilliant idea isn't it? If you collect scarves, and they somehow go together, what a great idea to just sew them together! I love it. I've been trying to think of other wonderful ways of making my own stuff these days. Yes, it's a bit pricey. a bit ;-)