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Where was Rock Camp for Girls when I was 9?

Damn, it's wrong when a 40-something lady is jealous of her BF's 9 year old! Jealousy just seepeth from my pores!

Yes, well for the most part we didn't have this sort of thing, where parents went out of their way to entertain us, or have us entertained, or cared to cultivate our talents. Seen but not heard, remember that? Hell, they certainly, didn't want us standing around with an amp and a microphone. It's the same with the whole new skateboard generation of parents (who skated) encouraging, no begging that their little Dylan and Apple take it up... as long as their wearing a helmut, knee pads and braces. The hysterical thing is that little Dylan doesn't want to do it.

We used to steel our mother's clothes, or friends older sisters, and set up our own performances, using the fireplace hearth as a stage, a hairbrush as a mic, and then perform in front of he parents. Unfortunately that's as far as it went. This summer, our own little 9 year olds did the same. My mother loved it when we did this, and definitely encouraged us. But it would never have occurred to her to send us to guitar lessons or... camp.. heck, it didn't exist.

But now, they are so damn lucky, our kids, you have these amazing parents (who probably wished they had the opportunity when they were a child) putting together a whole week of rock camp for young and eager rock wannabes. Did I mention I was jealous!? Well yeah. I am. I wish I had that opportunity, to just... pretend.. for one week. And then perform. And just see if I really had talent.

Well, Florence and her friend Dea, they did it. They had just that opportunity. And let me tell you. They are talented!

A week in rock camp, and they loved it. They get to choose an instrument, create a band, name it, and then perform. Florence's band was Red Lighting, and she did her own styling, making her own t-shirt and badges.

The below video is Dea's band, Howling Wolves VS Black Hearts performing their original tune My Boyfriend is a Zombie at the showcase for Rock Camp for Girls. The girls had only a few days to form a band, write a song, learn to play their instruments and get ready to rock. It's really funny because her mom (Rikke, a good friend of mine since when we first met when Dea and my boys were two in daycare) is a big hiphop/soul music lover. Not so much the punk thing. That's my bag. And this piece Dea and her band are playing, goes right back to my college years. What can I say I love it. Very Lydia Lunch and Lunachicks. ****Four Stars.

Lady Flo's band, Red Lightning performing their song Monster Madness, just brings up all sorts of goosebumps. They embrace the grr in girl, and rock through their performance with a steady rhythm and determination.

Oh gosh. Oh can't you see me jumping up and down on my seat! I have a great playlist for both little Dea and Flo, that will make their moms yell "turn that down", and "shut the door". I think I'm going to have to have Flo and Dea over for guitar lessons... they just have to take my boys!