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I want total sensory deprivation and back-up drugs

Darlings, it's me...  Had a fabulous time Saturday night at Honey Moon's party, and then again today trick or treating with the beastly ones.   Fabulous...  Absolutely Fabulous.

Sweetie, I wasn't the only one looking precious...

Ah, but the good old days... Here's a little bit of nostalgia... two of my favorite childhood costumes.   As a bunny, and a gypsy.   I thing I did the gypsy thing twice, as well as Pippi.   Gypsy, Pippi, Gypsy, Pippi... then clown.  Then hooker... no wait that wasn't a costume.
From Concord Mass....
To Rolling HIlls Estate, CA

Where did my shoulder pads go to?

Ok, so I just love my new 80's vintage silk jacket!!!  I'm so excited for original, one-of-a-kind finds. Love vintage! Love 80's, 40's, 70's.    But not in that order. Just any order.  And clothing swap was so awesome, I'm still turning things out of my closet that I forgot that I scored.

For example, this great silver vest.  Just love it.   Goes well with my great Susie Bubble t-shirt, yea?

I think I need to be silly in photos.. I look better that way.  Serious is so over rated. I just don't do a good pout.

Here are some more photos of me in my new FAVORITE 80's vintage silk jacket!

BTW, did anyone see Making Mr. Right?

Ok, ladies, 25 followers!  Wow, I didn't realize it would take this long to get to 50!  Mommy Drinks Style scored 50 followers pretty fast.  I guess people are more attracted to the concept of a drunk mommy! LOL.  Ah well.   It's no matter.   I'm still impressed.   But I know my girls here, really want that dress.

So, lets ju…

80's is Vintage!

I'm kind of in an 80's mood at the moment.  Never one to stick to one style, I personally love to present myself in many ways, to match my many moods.  I lived the 80's, and there used to be this saying that if you wore it when it was in originally, you shouldn't relive it. Well, I now have decided that's crap.   The way the clothes were made, and how you wore them was the key difference to re-using, and re-inventing yourself.

So when I saw this little silk jacket on ebay (above photo) from Twitch Vintage, I couldn't resist.   And sure enough, it looks great, and I think I rocked it very well last night on my way out to see the fun film RED.   I would have loved to have this jacket back in high school, or even later in college.   But my looks started out with the mix of safe new wave punk in high school, then became the messy punk look of college.  When I drove across country from Virginia to California, my look, when I dressed up was sort of Ann Magnuson fro…

On cloudy california winter afternoon... they went sailing

This is my father, the Captain of his ship. 
The lady in the hat is my mom. Love the middle parts and long hair.   Karla is the blond.

In the 70's my father had a sailboat, and we lived in L.A.   I'm sure when these photos were taken my brother and I were home with the sitter while the adults went out for their sailing adventure.   It really looks like they had fun.  

This is one of those moments, or periods in time captured that sends me into the land of sweet nostalgia. I will never have a sailboat of my own.  I wouldn't know how to sail it if I did.  But times are different too, having a sailboat is a huge expense.   But at this time, the fees were minimal. You just needed to know what you were doing.   My father, always knew what he was doing.

Yes this is the time before car seats, seat belt use, and environmental concerns.   I remember them well.

Stepping away from it all, to ponder... is it worth my time

I got just a little depressed today. Susie Bubble Tweeted something about feeling like crap, small and little after reading a thread on The Fashion Spot.

Well, I promptly went to go take a look, and so indeed, I too felt... not quite as happy and cheerful as I usually find myself. Slumped, and kerplumped. Yes that is too a word. My word. And that's how I felt.

There were many comments on how boring personal style blogs or personal fashion blogs are. Some even suggested bloggers were selling out by offering promotions, or having ads to make money, etc... That the personal photos of oneself dressed in their "forever21" outfits were boring, and done. Whether or not you "show off" your outfit because your paid, or because you love it came into question.

Could it be that you love it and you love being paid too? Is it wrong to want to be paid for your efforts?

Regardless, all this just made me wonder how people perceive me and my little blog. I honestly …

Swapping Clothes, and Sipping Cocktails on a Lovely Saturday Afternoon

This post need barely even be accompanied with text. I tried something new, and added some video to explain...

Yes... we drank from the nector of a tequila paloma cocktail.. we grazed from a lovely display of cheeses and breads, and then we gorged ourselves on one another's castoff threads; shoes, bags, scarves, belts, hats, jewelery... anything. One woman's castoff is another woman's treasure! And did I find some treasure... A jacket, belt, white fur scarf, skit, dress... I'm wearing them now!

So, come on ladies who swapped, leave a comment telling me your favorite swap piece! We all want to hear.

The Paloma Cocktail Recipe
For a refreshing, thirst quenching tequila cocktail, the Paloma is definitely at the top of the list and it's a favorite in Mexico. It's a light, fruity drink with a fizz and one of the smoothest tequila drinks out there. Almost any blanco tequila works well in combination with the grapefruit and you may also see this cocktail with g…

I'm having a bit of Cape Fever..

Everyone has their TOP TRENDS for the FALL. You know, Camel Coats (yawn), Thigh-High boots (it's a given), slouchy sequin pants (yay J.Crew & Target know how to do it cheap), Fur or Faux Fur vests, shrugs, & neck wraps, Leopard prints, a must (again, and again it never goes away depending on how you wear it), military jackets (vintage is best in IMHO), boots with Stevie Nicks dresses, blazers, big jewelry, velvet... and of course capes!

Oh yes, you've seen them... everywhere. Capes! CAPES!  CAPES!

       Interesting... but over the summer I was at a "yard sale" of one of my neighbor's, the amazing former prell model, Nancy Grigor.   I spied and thus scored a super long cape of hers from the late 70's. I also found a lovely military style cap of hers. I have plenty of original military caps (thanks to dear ol' dad), but this is of the era of Studio 54.  A vintage 70's cap with gold glittery trimmed thread. At the time, I had no idea…

Sittin' here, eatin' my heart out, waitin'...

I remember when Donna Summer's album Bad Girls came out in 1979. I played it over and over. Then my dad dragged me to Disco lessons with him and I was forced to dance with him to Hot Stuff, over and over, until he got the moves right. He tried it with my mom, but I think I just liked to dance, so I was game. I didn't know when I signed up for it that I would have to practice every night with him. It's easy for a child to pick up dance steps, so he was very frustrated that he couldn't keep up with me. Ahh.. such memories. Our instructor and her boss, the studio owner, appeared together on this TV show called, Dance Fever. It was a dance contest type of thing... They even came to our house to perform at a party we had during the holidays. Holy Cow, I have to find that picture, scan and post it.

This cap, reminds me of Donna Summers.

See tomorrow's post to read the details of this amazing vintage 70's cap, and to see my cape collection.

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words

Before two, life came down to three things...  sleep, food, poop.  But two began lust...  Let me eat cake! Yum.
So yes, today marks another day in the life of...      I have a lovely dinner planned tonight at the Bowery Hotel. I'll let you know how it went later in the week.  Don't expect a post from me Wednesday.
But these are my upcoming Posts (titles may change): I'm having a bit of Cape FeverScott Coffey presents: Wolf Parade's YULIASteampunk I adorn theeI'm having a Knit Fit: Scan

Yesterday I presented you with a First in the series, of (Ladies and Gentlemen I give you...).  Interviews and a look into the closet of the Ladies of Brooklyn.   I'll post one, the first monday of each month. So be sure to look for the next in November, when we look into Daniela's closet.
One last thing... it might be too late.. but just in case Erika has not closed down the giveaway, go check it out:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

When I first moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan I feared I would be terribly lonely as I would be so far from the maddening crowd of my city friends. Nobody traveled to Brooklyn. Not even me! My poor darling friend Jana had moved to Park Slope a few years before, and I'd only been there twice. But our space was getting small, the children were getting big. We had not planned on having twins. We planned on staying in our cute little apartment. Life just sort of took us by surprise. So we took a big gulp of air, and we hopped the Brooklyn Bridge and dove in to the wonderful surprises of Brooklyn. That was 2003.

What I didn't count on was all the new friendships I would make. And fast. Here in Brooklyn I found friends from around the world. A lovely blend of Europeans; Danish, Dutch, German, Canadian, Spanish and The English. The last of which brings us to the subject of this post, the charismatic, joyful and always a pleasure to visit for a cup of tea, the lovely …

Et la pluie est descendue...

Or something like that in french...

Today I wanted to share with you a top I bought at Butter Consignment on Atlantic, during our lovely Fashion Night Out. They were having a nice little sale, which can be compared to just paying full price but without tax. Hey I'm not complaining.. it's something.

But I found this lovely Stella McCartney top, in a blue, almost black sheer material. The details in the seam where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt are amazing. The photos just don't do it justice.  It's so dark, it really looks black.

Flowy and Flirty.   I paired it here with black tights, plaid shorts from Target (2 seasons ago), and my new Juicy boots that I got at the Fort Green Flea Market.

Sorry for the late post today.  Be sure to check in on Monday, when I Post my my first in a series of Interviews with "The Lovely Ladies of Brooklyn".