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80's is Vintage!

I'm kind of in an 80's mood at the moment.  Never one to stick to one style, I personally love to present myself in many ways, to match my many moods.  I lived the 80's, and there used to be this saying that if you wore it when it was in originally, you shouldn't relive it. Well, I now have decided that's crap.   The way the clothes were made, and how you wore them was the key difference to re-using, and re-inventing yourself.

So when I saw this little silk jacket on ebay (above photo) from Twitch Vintage, I couldn't resist.   And sure enough, it looks great, and I think I rocked it very well last night on my way out to see the fun film RED.   I would have loved to have this jacket back in high school, or even later in college.   But my looks started out with the mix of safe new wave punk in high school, then became the messy punk look of college.  When I drove across country from Virginia to California, my look, when I dressed up was sort of Ann Magnuson from Making Mr. Right.  Oh! How interesting, John Malkovich was in that movie, and the movie I saw last night, RED.  

But to my point.  It was all big shoulder pads and bright colors. (see below)

I have more from this archive... (that's my brother btw)

But the jacket I just bought,  while sporting those shoulder pads and silky material that shows sweat stains, is black and a rusty orange.  So it can defiantly be rocked with leggings, black pants, or black skirt.  I can't wait to wear it more!