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I'm having a bit of Cape Fever..

     Everyone has their TOP TRENDS for the FALL. You know, Camel Coats (yawn), Thigh-High boots (it's a given), slouchy sequin pants (yay J.Crew & Target know how to do it cheap), Fur or Faux Fur vests, shrugs, & neck wraps, Leopard prints, a must (again, and again it never goes away depending on how you wear it), military jackets (vintage is best in IMHO), boots with Stevie Nicks dresses, blazers, big jewelry, velvet... and of course capes!

Oh yes, you've seen them... everywhere. Capes! CAPES!  CAPES!

       Interesting... but over the summer I was at a "yard sale" of one of my neighbor's, the amazing former prell model, Nancy Grigor.   I spied and thus scored a super long cape of hers from the late 70's. I also found a lovely military style cap of hers. I have plenty of original military caps (thanks to dear ol' dad), but this is of the era of Studio 54.  A vintage 70's cap with gold glittery trimmed thread. At the time, I had no idea either one of these very cheap if not FREE finds, would be De rigueur this fall!

So I began to pull through my closet, looking for previous years capes that I had discarded.  I found my short cape I bought in a boutique in the East Village a few years ago.  I dug deeper and found my velvet cape. The problem with the velvet cape is that I keep seeing it over a slinky gown. How, dear reader,  can I make it work with a more casual attire?  Maybe, just maybe it needs to be shortened? What do you think? Tor says "Leave it alone!"

The Velvet Cape

The Short Cape (with cap)

The Long Cape