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Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words

Before two, life came down to three things...  sleep, food, poop.  But two began lust...  Let me eat cake! Yum.

So yes, today marks another day in the life of...      I have a lovely dinner planned tonight at the Bowery Hotel. I'll let you know how it went later in the week.  Don't expect a post from me Wednesday.

But these are my upcoming Posts (titles may change):
  • I'm having a bit of Cape Fever
  • Scott Coffey presents: Wolf Parade's YULIA
  • Steampunk I adorn thee
  • I'm having a Knit Fit: Scan

Yesterday I presented you with a First in the series, of (Ladies and Gentlemen I give you...).  Interviews and a look into the closet of the Ladies of Brooklyn.   I'll post one, the first monday of each month. So be sure to look for the next in November, when we look into Daniela's closet.

One last thing... it might be too late.. but just in case Erika has not closed down the giveaway, go check it out: