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On cloudy california winter afternoon... they went sailing

This is my father, the Captain of his ship. 

The lady in the hat is my mom. Love the middle parts and long hair.   Karla is the blond.

In the 70's my father had a sailboat, and we lived in L.A.   I'm sure when these photos were taken my brother and I were home with the sitter while the adults went out for their sailing adventure.   It really looks like they had fun.  

This is one of those moments, or periods in time captured that sends me into the land of sweet nostalgia. I will never have a sailboat of my own.  I wouldn't know how to sail it if I did.  But times are different too, having a sailboat is a huge expense.   But at this time, the fees were minimal. You just needed to know what you were doing.   My father, always knew what he was doing.

Yes this is the time before car seats, seat belt use, and environmental concerns.   I remember them well.