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Sittin' here, eatin' my heart out, waitin'...

I remember when Donna Summer's album Bad Girls came out in 1979. I played it over and over. Then my dad dragged me to Disco lessons with him and I was forced to dance with him to Hot Stuff, over and over, until he got the moves right. He tried it with my mom, but I think I just liked to dance, so I was game. I didn't know when I signed up for it that I would have to practice every night with him. It's easy for a child to pick up dance steps, so he was very frustrated that he couldn't keep up with me. Ahh.. such memories. Our instructor and her boss, the studio owner, appeared together on this TV show called, Dance Fever. It was a dance contest type of thing... They even came to our house to perform at a party we had during the holidays. Holy Cow, I have to find that picture, scan and post it.

This cap, reminds me of Donna Summers.

See tomorrow's post to read the details of this amazing vintage 70's cap, and to see my cape collection.