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Stepping away from it all, to ponder... is it worth my time

I got just a little depressed today. Susie Bubble Tweeted something about feeling like crap, small and little after reading a thread on The Fashion Spot.

Well, I promptly went to go take a look, and so indeed, I too felt... not quite as happy and cheerful as I usually find myself. Slumped, and kerplumped. Yes that is too a word. My word. And that's how I felt.

There were many comments on how boring personal style blogs or personal fashion blogs are. Some even suggested bloggers were selling out by offering promotions, or having ads to make money, etc... That the personal photos of oneself dressed in their "forever21" outfits were boring, and done. Whether or not you "show off" your outfit because your paid, or because you love it came into question.

Could it be that you love it and you love being paid too? Is it wrong to want to be paid for your efforts?

Regardless, all this just made me wonder how people perceive me and my little blog. I honestly did not start this blog to get famous, to make money, or because I think I'm some kind of authority. I do this primarily because I like to write.  This is an exercise in discipline and creativity. It's even, in some ways, my portfolio.

I honestly like what I talk about, love what I share, love what I'm dabbling in, or experimenting in. I'm an artist, a writer, a designer, and what better way to use those talents than the blog platform... to experiment where before we never could. To be able to reach an audience without the use of a publisher, or someone who can tell you what you can and can not say, or sell. Here, you have the opportunity to be your own boss, your own agent, your own publisher.

I don't have Ads because, honestly, I don't think it would work. And I don't have a huge audience, which I like. Well, I do want followers, I'll admit. Having a little audience makes me "punctual". It's like having deadlines.  But I'll admit, if you want to put an Ad on my site, I'll do it, if it has something to do with me and my posts.

I love writing, and I find that if I write about things that interest me, then why not share it. So, the question I always ask myself, is "what kind of blog is mine?" I sometimes tell people it is a personal style blog. But after reading that thread, I wonder if that is right. Yes, I do celebrate style. But not just fashion. I also celebrate design, icons of inspiration, and art. This is NOT a PERSONAL FASHION STYLE BLOG. Fashion is just a part of the whole picture.

So to be clear, this is a personal project. And it encompasses all of my interests; Style, Art, Fashion, DIY project, Baking, and Friendship.  I don't often feature the topic of marriage, or my marriage.  Or children, including mine.   I think that's a part of my personal life, I don't share lightly.

So blast them all. I will continue to share with you, my friends and their fabulous style, our fun activities, and my silly thoughts and silly ideas.

Why not? After all, if you don't like it, it's as simple as clicking COMMAND Q.

On that note... don't I look stylish?