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Where did my shoulder pads go to?

Ok, so I just love my new 80's vintage silk jacket!!!  I'm so excited for original, one-of-a-kind finds. Love vintage! Love 80's, 40's, 70's.    But not in that order. Just any order.  And clothing swap was so awesome, I'm still turning things out of my closet that I forgot that I scored.

For example, this great silver vest.  Just love it.   Goes well with my great Susie Bubble t-shirt, yea?

I think I need to be silly in photos.. I look better that way.  Serious is so over rated. I just don't do a good pout.

Here are some more photos of me in my new FAVORITE 80's vintage silk jacket!

BTW, did anyone see Making Mr. Right?

Ok, ladies, 25 followers!  Wow, I didn't realize it would take this long to get to 50!  Mommy Drinks Style scored 50 followers pretty fast.  I guess people are more attracted to the concept of a drunk mommy! LOL.  Ah well.   It's no matter.   I'm still impressed.   But I know my girls here, really want that dress.

So, lets just give more incentive.  You may not want the L.A.M.B dress, but are you interested in a L.A.M.B. wool vest?  Or maybe something else?  Well, when we reach 50 followers, not only will one of the ladies who entered the L.A.M.B dress giveaway win the dress, I'll immediately post another giveaway!  And I'll make it easier this time!

Come on, spread the word.   Lets get this game a rollin'!