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An Evening at the Spa with Tata Harper, Hosted by Tina Bech Lipman

Last Thursday Victoria, Rikke, and I headed to our friend Tina's Tribeca loft for a party she was hosting for Tata Harper, a friend of hers who does natural beauty products.

Basically, that's all I knew; a great excuse to get gussied up and go out!  (Even if we had to bring the kids with us, for lack of sitters.)  However,  so as not to appear clueless, I did some fast research beforehand.  I also wanted to know a bit about the products.  Everything I read was positive and fantastic.   A Vermont based skin care line that uses 100% Natural and Non-Toxic ingredients?  Terrific!   All from her own farm, in Vermont!  Tata felt compelled to offer woman safe, 100% natural products that at the same time lift your spirits as well as your skin.   There are no Parabens, no sulfates, and no pthalates.... whatever that is. But whatever it is, I don't want it on my face.  All the products are made and distributed from Julius Kingdom Farm in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.

So, now that I was prepped for the products, it was time to go... and off we went.  Rikke and her daughter, picked Tor and I and my two boys up in her car, and we headed for Tribeca.  Finding a parking space right around the corner of Tina's lovely loft, was a synch.   Tina, just moved there with her two children, and in no time has made it feel very personalized, in an elegant modern way.  Loads of art and fun loft like rooms.

On arriving, we are welcomed by the girls (Tina's daughter and her friends), chalking up the sidewalk with a welcoming message.  And inside a table with a delicious vegetarian spread awaits, presented and delivered by Yvette Rose, the creator and trainer behind   But this isn't a Non-alcholic health trip were on, there is definatley some booze to be had... and me, well, now that I've been testing the spirits, I went right with the Whisky, lemon and honey drink that was offered... which I have forgotten the name of. But it was indeed yummy.

Rikke and Tina, The Danish Beauties

After a few bites, and a drink, Victoria and I headed upstairs to where they were doing mini-facials.  The kids to the basement to play and watch movies.   Victoria and I headed into Tina's gorgeous bathroom, and we were whisked into submission, by the two lovely ladies there administering lovely facials.

Top Left: Victoria, Tata Harper and one of her lovely girls.  Right: Me with the Whisky.

My favorites, the Regenerating Cleanser and the Replenishing Nutrient Complex.  I also really loved the Floral Water.   I love a toner in a spray, and this, well all the products smell heavenly.   But the other girls all raved about the Mask, which I skipped because I just had a facial the day before.   Keri Waxer, who works for Tata, finally was able to coax Rikke into a facial.   Rikke, is not one to sit still for anything... that's why it's great she's a dog trainer... she's always on the go.  But obviously she does have a lot of patience, just with 4 legged creatures.

Keri Waxer applying serum to Victoria | Rikke getting a facial.

After your facial, you go over to get a lovely aromatherapy rub in  the next room.  Yum.

Yvette Rose her array of yummy delights.

Ok, so now that I was feeling soft and silky and all wobbly from my rub, it was back down to the party, to mingle, eat, drink and network.  When your ready, all you have to do is find the guy with the clipboard, and you can order up some products to go.

There were so many people there, and all so nice.  Tina has tons of friends who are so interesting, and who have such talent, like Monika Knutsson who makes gorgeous jewelry from her line, Gilded lace. Uh, how can I describe how lovely her stuff is..  hand dipped lace in sterling silver or 24k gold, turned into pieces of jewelry; cuff bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches and pendants.  THe necklace she had on, one of her own creations, was TO DIE FOR!!!

Monika Knutsson  and Tina | Tina with friend

Keri and Rikke

With a reluctant goodbye, it was time to head home.   Children need to go to bed... but...  what a great evening, and lovely way to throw a party...  with a twist!

Thanks Tina for sharing Tata with all of us!

Ways to get to know, and to buy Tata Harper Skincare
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