November 2, 2010

Go Vote Today, and then enter my Lady Warfield Giveaway : Style Bubble T-Shirt

Hi ladies!
So, in an effort to let my girls get a chance at winning the L.A.M.B dress, I need to reach my goal on my Google Friends Connect.   So, maybe if I offer some other things, it will help that, as well as give other people a chance to win some things.

The gods are funny sometimes, and this time, when I ordered my Style Bubble  t-shirt, I was sent two.   Now I'm sure they don't expect me to return it all the way to England, and I bet they would much rather me give it away, so as to share the blogasphere love.


Description: Size Large.   Read here to learn more about the inspiration behind this T-shirt.

How To Play:
This Time I'll keep it simple!

1.  Sign up on my GOOGLE FRIENDS CONNECT. (you get a point)
If you already are, then you get a point.

2. Leave a comment telling me you love the T, and want it.  (you get a point)

That's it!  Just do those two things, and on on November 8th, the giveaway ends, and I will draw a winner from  random.org.

Good luck!

Open to all readers who join Google Friends Connect, international included. Shipped via reg. postal service. You have exactly one week from the time that I contact you to get back to me with delivery instructions. After that time I will give your prize to someone else.
Lady Warfield is not responsible for anything that goes wrong after you receive your prize, although I’m happy to take credit for the things that go right.
Send me a photo with your prize!
Thanks for entering!!


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Love the T! Totally my style and great point system-
I like that-
I'm a two pointer!

H said...

I want it. :)

I like the LAMB dress too a lot but think it would be too big. I'm an 8.

lady warfield said...

I actually think it would fit you. It's a tight 10. And the belt is wrap around.