November 10, 2010

Kitty needs a home!!!

         Do you live in Brooklyn or nearby?  Do you want a kitty?   I found this sweet, lovely female cat the other night, and she is looking for a home.   She is almost a year, and super friendly.   I'm allergic, so I can't keep her, even though I want to.   It's just too much for me and my family.   She has taken up much of my time in the last two days, trying to find her a home.. but all the shelters are full, and the foster homes are full.   If I can't find a home for her tomorrow... I just don't know what I'll do...

Meet Kitty:

You know how to contact me if your interested.
Hurry though...
Her time is running out.



ipehishere said...

awww u soo kind to try find a new home for that kitty ><
i hope someone and in brooklyn can take care that kitty !! :D

nice to meet you! :D

lady warfield said...

Ah, thanks for warm wishes for little kitty. I did find her a Foster home. So let's hope she gets adopted soon.
Thank you!!!